All banner adverts are shown simultaneously on GameArtisans.org, UnearthlyChallenge.com, FestChallenges.com, ComiconChallenge.com, PlanetaryChallenge.com and DominaceWar.com.

With GA adverts, you receive the following:
- Fixed cost for unlimited impressions.
- No commission deductions.
- No hidden or extra costs.
- Quick and easy set-up - no technical knowledge required.
- Keep modifying your ad until you are completely satisfied.

Main banner dimensions:
300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
This banner appears in approximately 80% of GA's network of websites. It usually shows in the header section of web pages.

Footer banner dimensions:
960 pixels wide x 180 pixels high
This banner appears in approximately 95% of GA's network of websites. Placement includes challenge entry pages, forum threads, and all main web pages.

Accepted formats:
Image Banners:

Flash banners:
Please include a destination link in your flash file and make its target url address "_blank" (clicking on banner should open a new page).

For all inquiries and pricing, contact GA.Online [at] GameArtisans [dot] org or use the following GA contact submission form - Contact Us


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