Image 1 - GA Online News - March 2013
main banner: ez5k, Mudakir, Erigo | Above banner: Draxxuss, Scorch, FredH
After various programming set backs, Comicon 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, and all former GA exclusive Main and Mini challenges have been fully restored! Along with the restoration comes a more integrated and redesigned Comicon homepage and an enhanced thumbnail system to better showcase artists. Additionally, with a revamped public voting feature for all GA's online art challenges, GameArtisans is now one step closer to launching its next major World Challenge!

Image 2 - GA Online News - March 2013

A reconstructed GA was launched in September 2012. We had grand plans for providing artists with some entirely new features - features such as News Links, Feature Stories, Award Icons, Rankings, Spy Reports, Artistic Quotes of the week, Downloads, Tutorials, Videos, and much more. One by one, as they are finalized, features have been unlocked. To date, GA's new unlocked features are:

  • Sketchbooks - Artists can now upload art that is automatically transferred to their personal sketchbook threads.
  • Survival Forum - A motivational forum with a countdown clock of 25 or 49 hours. Failure to post a progress shot before the clock hits 00:00:00:00 will cause your form to lock and the entirety of your thread and wip images to be deleted - Forever!! It's a do or die forum... and we love it! Arrgggh! To this day... FredH has already died twice!
  • Tutorials - The revised Tutorials section has various new submissions by talented artists who are proud to share their methods with GA's community.
  • Awards and Rankings - Artists will soon see cool looking notification popups for levels earned by performing various actions on GA. Once the system is activated this week, Awards can be turned on by pressing the [XP] link on the top of every GA page.

Image 3 - GA Online News - March 2013

Two new core team members have joined GA. Although the name, Thutat, has been browsing the community for the past 5 years, it's only now that he is officially made known. Andrei "Thutat" Thutat is GA's core programmer and has been responsible for more than 70% of the functions/scripts that you see here on GA today. Additionally, Melissa "MelB" Borsellino, although fairly new to the community, is an avid 2d and 3d artist who will act as the direct assistant to FredH. From this point forward, for all questions regarding GA, she is the one to ask.

For additional info on GA Core team and Admins, view the About GA Section.

With FredH handling world challenges like Unearthly Challenge and Dominance War, MelB running concept art minis, and with Draxxuss merrily running 3d Minis - Two challenge types remain - SCULPTING and ANIMATION Minis. If you are interested in running a mini or two for one of these challenge types, please contact MelB. We'd be delighted to have you join our team, be it temporarily or officially.

Image 4 - GA Online News - March 2013

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions... Will there be a Comicon Challenge 2013? Yup. Will there finally be an Unearthly Challenge 2013? Definitely! Will there be a new Dominance War? ABSOLUTELY! (.. but in 2014). Will there be any new challenges? YES, the name of a new challenge with its teams, categories and judges will be announced once the restoration of Unearthly Challenge is complete. Soon after the announcement, (when artists see the name and website for this new event, we must give artists time to prepare for it and lock in their vacation times), the fun begins!!! Wait!!!!!???? Teams??? YES. It's a new Multi-Forum World Challenge!!

Special thanks to everyone who has been patient with the reconstruction of GameArtisans this past year. Additionally, special thanks to those who support GA's page and its crew on Facebook. The restoration has been long and difficult, but the journey is nearly complete. The GA Team hopes that you will enjoy the current and upcoming changes and challenges to come!


Latest projects on GA, and which GA Core member is working on what and where in the background:

  • Unearthly Challenge restoration. Redesign UC Homesite, import all former entries, and redesign all team pages.
  • Creation and Finalization of new world challenge pages, acquire judges, and set up teams.
  • Creation of a 3d GA Knight for Ranking page and creation of additional Knight smilies for posting and comments.
  • Creation of new Concept Art Minis.
  • Creation of GameArtisans exclusive Artist highlights and Interviews.
  • Finalization of Awards and Ranking system.
  • Revision and finalization of GA Portfolios (artwork popup removal, add to favorites, add art thumbnails to forum member profiles, etc)
  • Finalization of Sketchbook forum
  • Finalization of Survival Forum, with additional mod for Life Icon feature.

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