Image 1 - Unearthly Challenge 2013

The restoration of Unearthly Challenge 2008 and 2009 is complete. UC is now displayed in multiple written languages and 4 additional teams have signed on to compete in this year's epic new chapter! Please welcome:

  • - A reputed Korean based community for cg artists, and former DW III Gold Champion for 2d Concept Art.
  • A distinguished Russian based community for cg, news, and everything art.
  • A two time DW Gold champion community and a long time respected online news portal and showcase for high caliber cg artists.
  • A highly respected Persian community with art challenges, meetups, and educational workshops.

More news will be announced as we near the launch date of UC 2013.

Image 2 - Unearthly Challenge 2013

View Interview with 2009 3d Champion - Vlad "Matroskin" Dergachov

View Interview with 2009 2d Champion - Fan "fanming" Ming

View Restored UC 2009 - Visist 2009

View Restored UC 2008 - Visist 2008

Special thanks go out to those who have kept the fire alive during the long redesign and restoration of the host website, Another big thanks go out to those who have donated time and/or money to this adventure. To date, UC remains an Artist-for-Artists event held for the sole purpose of having fun, testing skills, sharing ideas and most importantly, like with Moviefest, it's here simply... because it's cool!!

Sincerely yours,

Fredrik "FredH" Hultqvist
- Founder
- Dominance War Organizer
- Unearthly Challenge Organizer

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