Moviefest Challenge

On, various online communities have come together to take part in a new high-class once a year event that pushes artistic talents to their max! This year, with 5 competing communities and 9 written languages, we look forward to exploring a new genre of art as you, artists, compete for world champions standings! Good luck ~


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"Overall this was the most impressive entry. The likeness is excellent. The sculpting, the texturing, everything was done really well, and the amount of extra pieces really pushed this entry above and beyond the rest of the competition!"

" It has a great sense of babydoll that does the original movie justice. The screen organization is well arranged to show the character’s nature, so it is well equipped to explain the entire plot of the film!"

"The anticipation and timing is what stood out the most for me. The poses were dynamic and paced really well with the sound. Generally, it felt smooth throughout the beat down. Job well done!"

"The handling of the fabric, continually woven from front to back... stellar. My first reaction was to want to touch it. Fantastic work all around... literally!"

"The depiction of the character is outstanding. The reinterpreted setting is interesting. The author emphasized color where it was needed to create a clear center of focus that leaves a viewer immersed..."

"This is a very ambitious piece. A huge backdrop complete with trees, multi-level buildings, surrounding buildings and animated camera work!"

"Great job of capturing Bill Murrays personality here. And the renders are hands down the richest in the lot. My eyes just dance around that shirt. Fantastic beauty render!"

" Fantastic lighting and a different style give the image a unique perspective that translates well from movie into game art. Overall, this entry had the best presentation for a character and a w.i.p. sheet!"


"Awesome personality, pose and execution. This character would fit perfectly into any next-gen game that utilizes a realistic approach. Nothing else to say here, amazing job!"

"Magnificent work. Very fine details can be found on the monster. The author has very exquisite painting skills and a strong imagination. The light, sense of space and ideas, are great!"

"Great work on the model and textures! Love the details and shaders on the armor!"

"An epic recreation that brings a character to a totally new level with dynamism, artistic class and a delicate touch!"

"The artist displays incredibly tight craftsmanship throughout and the colors in his renders are absolutely beautiful!"

"Exaggerated movements, vivid facial expression, prominent layout, detailed portrait, exquisite integrity, a strong contrast of light and shadow, simple composition, the illustration offers a clear depiction of a character and offers a strong sense of personality!"

"Well executed, easily recognizable, he definitely carries that charisma from movie!"

"I love this, with its gloomy color, perfect value and dark mood. The broken glass/mirror is telling a story, and the armor design is superb. I think Tim Burton needs to see this!"

"The artist did a very good job on this. I almost forgot how bad the movie was. From model to layout, he shows consistent quality throughout all assets. Very nice work!"

"I like the design of the character here, and the new outfit is awesome!"

"Very good work on the high-res! I love the face and I also admire the overall weight of the character. The final pose is also great!"

"Overall, great art, great composition, and I love the dynamic pose!"

"PillBox's portrays that sadness of the character from the original movie very well. Furthermore, I like the usage of the color and lighting, which sets a mood for the entire scene!"

"The idea of Elizabeth Swann defeating the Spanish Armada just makes me smile every time I see it! It's a lovely painting. Terrific paint-work, a great likeness of Keira Knightly, and wonderful costuming.!"