On festchallenges.com, various online communities have come together to take part in a new high-class once a year event that pushes artistic talents to their max! This year, with 7 competing communities, we look forward to exploring Blizzard styled art as you, artists, compete for world champions standings! Good luck ~

3D Category

by ravenslayer


I'd like to thank GameArtisans for setting up this challenge and all the people who took the time to give me feedback and show me their support. I really enjoyed learning alongside other great artists and cant wait to see what art will be created for future challenges.

the Vengeful Ghost
by zym1983811


Thanks to my girlfriend, without her support, I could not have completed this challenge. Also, special thanks to this challenge - just like a great journey, when it was over, I became even more powerful.

Druid of the Talon
by Slava Gedich


It was a great challenge! Thank you to all my friends who gave me feedback and support during the competition. Also, I would like to express a special thanks to Fedor Moshura who constantly helped with advice. Waiting for next challenge!

Bloody Shaman
by Mi_Yang


I am not only a game artist, but also a big fan of all blizzard games. It was very exciting to participate in this challenge and to make it into the finals. Special thanks to all my friends, who supported me during the challenge. I sincerely wish leewiART and GameArtisans the best in the future, and hope to see more great challenges in the horizon. LOK'T OGA!

Old Monk
by wandongxu


This was my first time participating in this type of challenge. It was a pleasant experience. Special thanks to all the artists on team leewiART for their support, and to everyone else in the challenge who continually inspired me throughout the duration of the challenge. Looking forward to the next one!!!

Skeletal Mage
by DVL


I'd like to thank my colleagues at Beenox who inspired me to push myself further every day through their awesome work. I also want to thank the GameArtisans community for their support. This challenge was a truly wonderful and enriching experience!

by NikitaNV


All participants did a good job! See you all in the next challenge!

Dark Shadow Zealot
by arb010218


I appreciate that GameArtisans held a challenge of this magnitude. It was a very great experience! I'd also like to thank the artists on team 'leewiART' for their support, and everyone else in the challenge who creatively inspired me to push myself further! To everyone... Thank You!

Troll Headhunter
by ACeye


I'm glad I took part in this challenge and made it to the very end. Sleepless nights are finally over... at least for now 

Athak The Bloodthirsty
by doses


I'd like to thank the forum mates on GameArtisans for their support. It Was a great experience to compete with these amazing artists. Million thanks to those who support me, and understand me. (Family, friends, colleagues...)
2D Category

Never Be Slaves!
by wangxiaoyu12_23


Big thanks to everyone in the challenge who continually inspired me to push myself a great deal further. Also, special thanks to the host site, GameArtisans, who gave me the opportunity to compete with the best artists in the world. It is my honor to have made it into the finals. It has been a very special experience for me. Looking forward to the next one!

Rise of The Horde
by K.d Stanton


Thank you team 'leewiART' for the opportunity to showcase my work. Was happy that I made it into the finals. Special thanks to all the artists who encouraged me! Looking forward to the next one, and hoping that there will be even more artists who participate and encourage each other!

by Sung Choi


A big thank you to the talented participating artists, voters and judges! This was a great oppertunity for me to witness some cool ideas from artists around the world. I had a lot of fun taking part of this challenge!

SCV Civilian Rescuer
by KypcaHT


Was awesome!! This was really a unique and thrilling experience. I'd like to thank all those awesome people who organised and participated in this fest in the name of epicness, power and true beauty. Thanx Blizzard for their games and worlds that have touched so many lives.

by guro


Thanks to Blizzard for a beautiful and well-balanced game, I spent many hours on it! I hope to one day work on a project of such scale and level. I entered this competition just for fun, so the concept of a shaman-hedgehog was a bit humorous Thanks to all those who advised and voted!

Warlord Ogre
by timens


I highly appreciated this challenge as it is a very useful competition. I want to express my gratitude to all organizers of this wonderful event and specifically, FredH. So many bright and beautiful works were accomplished. Also, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone for your support! It was a great experience! Looking forward to the next one!!!

Soul Reaper
by bigball


A grand thanks for the efforts and support from “GameArtisans”, all my friends, team “leewiART” and my Dear wife (hug)! It has been a pleasure to share my work and to have been inspired by all the great artists who were involved in Blizzardfest 2014. A wonderful experience! Looking forward for the next one!

Troll Headhunter
by mikrob


It was a great opportunity to improve myself and to find out my capabilities. Thanks to my family and friends for their support! I'll for sure take part in the next challenges!

Hydralisk Mother
by BTX


It was a great honor for me to attend such a big competition, compete with so many artists all around the world and to get the 9th place standing in a world ranking. It has been an extremely encouraging experience and I will keep pushing myself in the future to create better and better works. Special thanks to both GameArtisans and leewiart for this challenge!

Blood Elf Princess
by Bikash


I wish to thank all artists in this challenge, especially my team GameArtisans for their support. This has been a very good platform for witnessing marvelous art from world class artists. I got lots of inspiration from everyone! It was a great experience! Obviously... Looking forward to the next one!

Powerful Combo
by CG_action


Thanks to all those who supported and gave advice to me during the challenge. The hardest condition was time, because 10 seconds it is very little for such an interesting challenge. I tried my best!

100% Savior
by Thamas


Many thanks to all my fellows at 3DVF for their support and special thanks to the GameArtisans team, for giving the animators the opportunity to participate in such a funchallenge. I'm looking forward to the next one!

The Chase
by joshuagou


I would like to thank the Organizer FredH, Gameartisans, and my team... leewiART. Specific big thanks goes to these friends: fiRsTgoNE_Max, xiaomayi, Godzilla, yctc1213, and Wandong Xu.... thanks for you support and thanks to everyone else in the challenge for their inspiring work that helped push my abilities further. It was a great experience!!

Stunned Overflow
by ExanJU


The 2014 Blizzardfest was great fun! And this would not have been so without the people who participated and/or supported us challengers. Thanks to all of you and to our team - "GameArtisans"! I hope future challenges will be as fun... or even better!

Instant Kill
by Daiver_Keyframe


I enjoyed participating in Blizzardfest. Got a lot of positive emotions and experiences. But I am not satisfied with my own final result. I'll be trying even harder next time!!



Rejoice for the completion of this competition. I had a clumsy start. I didn't expect to make it. But in the end, I pushed myself through! Thanks to the organizers of this challenge, who helped inspire me to create and then finish something new!

Fight Scene
by Klimenzo


I tried to combine both of my favorite combat styles: 300 Spartans and Assassins Creed. I really enjoyed it and all those nights which I spent working on it. Hope you enjoyed it too!

by Animoo


I’m very thrilled to have participated in this competition mainly because I very much enjoy this style of animation and never had the opportunity to work on such projects. I want to thank all my friends, colleagues and everyone in the forums who helped we with their opinions and all their energy.

Wind Squad
by 校郡717


I'd like to thank the artists on team 'leewiART' for their support, and everyone else in the challenge who continually inspired me throughout the duration of the challenge. It was a great experience!

The Turning Point
by Alireza-Sedghi


I'd like to thank team CGArt and especially my Brothers for their support. It was such a great experience and it was such a great honor to participate in this challenge