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Because the Woman character has gun by default, I have decided to give a gun to the Man character too & let him get closer. But because just a gunfight is not something special, I want to start with a pursuit & get to a hand to hand combat. (I have some exp. at Karate-Vadorio). Here is the Motion design scenario: W = Woman character M = Man character _ We start at top of a 5 Meters building roof (W face close-up) _ suddenly M enter to the scene at background - W notice add Escape _ She choose the closest way to Leave platform & get to different positing _ M chasing her _ W Jump from the edge of roof with a twist _ Suddenly she draw her both guns in the air and fire to the last bullet. _ M cover behind an air conditioner post _ W drop her guns pick a bar & land with another twist _ M Jump Down too _ W Kick His face right when he land _ M throw back & loss his gun _ W try to kick his face again _ M block her foot _ W kick his stomach with another leg knee _ M react, turn and punch her face with elbow _ W Hit back _ M turn reverse & Hook her _ W Throw back & fall on the ground _ M Finish her with a hit to her neck
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