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World outlook: Distance for centuries before the outbreak of the succession wars have been gone long time, caused by the destruction of war and still see evidence of people's distress everywhere in today's sculrenl Mainland, leaving too much trauma, the war Depletioned the Mudean Dynasty foundation near thousand years, also made the lives of millions dead on the continent. There are no winners in the war. The Empire of the monks can only futile turn countless souls, to washing the imperial lifeline in the remaining light and hope, however, they can”t save the Kingdom ultimate fate, in the dusty scrolls, monks found hint: north of sculrenl, top of the amber in legendary, a door can activate the dynasty of "light of soul",when open the door ,the light will leading to the passage to another world,then to find the hope that can rise the Empire... many years ago, the best warrior standing at the top of the amber at the foot of the mountain, looking at the cloud "and" light of soul”, Sacred journey beginging….

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