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"Holy crap this piece is awesome. I love all the detail that ez5k put into it. He Just feels so evil and yet comical at the same time! It is a winning piece that could grace the cover of a magazine! I could find no Fault with this piece, which is why It got first place in my book."
"Oh man! The execution of this entry was so flawless. Lean and mean. The textures, use of u.v. space, The high poly sculpt! it was all a visual feast. This version of Spawn is so bad ass! Somebody should make an action figure out of it..."
"Onelung took the Penguin and pushed the character to a very dark, and awesome place! The pose is great, the Idea is just phenomenal, and the execution tied it all together in a fat, sweaty, pinstriped package that truly shows why this guy is one of Gotham's worst. Simply kick ass."
"Superior technical execution, painterly style and flair, and capturing the spirit and menace of the character gets this one my top pick. Marco has brought out the details where they most need to be and let a looser feel tell the rest of the story. The painting and concept sketches are precisely what you want to see from a professional illustrator."
"This piece immediately jumped out at me because it felt like a real painting, like I was browsing Greg Staples' gallery. The color choice is impeccable, as is the desaturated tones punctuated by that strong red cloak and glowing gun. The composition is great and keeps my eyes moving round and round, from detail to detail."
"This submission has a lot of energy in it from the very beginning to end. The initial concept sheet shows the work flow and process for flushing out the design and composition. From the initial sketches, you can see the life the artist was going to breath into the final piece in the Winning Pose."

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