"This is stylistically a great entry - very well thought out and consistent. The proportions of the character are very interesting and technically the model is very well executed!"
"Instantly recognizable as the OwlShip from Watchmen, but also completely different. Great job transplanting it to a new setting. Great textures and modeling, too!"
"Suberb job on the lighting and the texture details! The face is exceptionally nice, especially in contrast to the rest of the tech details"
"... especially love the harnesses on the sharks. Exceptional model and design!"
"Wonderful work on the details and an elegantly simple and effective setting and layout!"
"Great character desgin. The idea to mix Octavius and Dune sounded weird to me at first but the result is a true success!"
"Very good expression, really nice modeling with Zbrush and the texturing is done extremely well. Converting Fire into Ice... a great touch!"
"... this is another one of those moments where you go, "WTF? Symbiote Iron Man with organic Guyver armor? Cooooooooool!!"
"Fantastic work here! Really entertaining sequence, clear staging and some fun physicality! "
"... the entire design as a whole was very strong and the background was a welcome addition to further emphasize time period, strength, speed and finally, his super powers."
"You can see great effort was made to make the design consistent across the model sheet and beauty image, and that he didn't go overboard with costume details. It's in keeping with the franchise's elegance while taking it to a place it hasn't been!"
"Great pose and rendering and wonderful design. You can instantly tell who it's supposed to be, but very nicely transposed into a steampunk setting."
"The forced perspective in this very dynamic composition screams 'comics', and, again, design wins out!"

Comicon Challenge 2011 is over

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