The following Artists, hand chosen by a panel of talented Honorary Judges, are Comicon Challenge 2014's World Champions. Congratulations to those who made into this year's Champion Standings, to Comicon 2014's Top Artists, and to All who participated!
Thanks all participants/voters and judges and thanks to the creators of Zbrush and quixel NDO
Thx for a great opportunity to improve my skills and show my best to the world. Waiting for the next challenge!
Thank you, Guys! I've achieved one of my biggest dreams. I'm actually a little bit sad that it ended, but I hear that there will be new great challenges! Will see you there. Good luck!
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge with many great artists. I'm absolutely looking forward for the next one!
Thank you all for your votes and for the support you have given me. Being a part of this challenge with such great artists has been an amazing experience.
Amazing challenge with some incredibly talented artists. Look forward to the next one :) 
It was a great challenge and a lot of fun to be part of it! 
Its an honor to be surrounded with such great artists. From voters to judges, and to all participants - Thank you!. Looking forward for the next one!
Thank you GameArtisans for this Contest! An amazing competition, I've learned a lot! Looking foward to Comicon Challenge 2015!
Each Challenge is a bunch of adrenaline and creative growth. Comicon Challenge mixes our usual routine. The moment when you can implement your favorite characters according to your own vision. Of course there is a constant lack of sleep during the contest, but compared to those feelings of happiness when your work is done, one almost forgets about the lack of sleep and waits impatiently for Next Competition!
It was a great Stand! Hope not the Final...

Thanks for this awesome challenge! It was a load of fun taking part in it and I'll see you all in the next one! XD
It was a great time! Thanks to all! P.S. For the Horde =)!

This was extremely fun! Huge thanks to everyone who participated! 
It was really really COOL! Thank you all for such a wonderful opportunity to take part in Comicon Challenge :) 
Thanks to Comicon Challenge. I wish everyone the best in this challenge!
It was really exciting to participate in Comicon Challenge 2014. Tons of experience, even more inspiration. Thanks everyone and see you next time!
It was a great challenge this year. I had a lot of fun participating in the community with all the great feedback in regards to character design!

Comicon Challenge 2014 is closed for submissions

- Challenged ended 23:59:00 p.m Eastern Time, Wednesday, March 19th 2014 -