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3D Category

Captain Iron

by abraaosegundo

Thank you GA, for this amazing oportunity. The challenge this year brought an awesome theme that provided for us a big experience. Thank´s a lot for this big challange. Until The next one...

Tank Girl Hellboy

by Jaco

Had a blast working on this one. Thank you to everyone that made it happen!

Wolverine X Casey

by vAp

I had a great time! Thanks for this awesome challenge. Thanks to everyone involved and good luck. See you around.

Loki Attuma

by Loraine Howard

I really enjoyed this challenge, it was a blast being part of it. Thanks to all the participants and Game Artisans for hosting it.

Harley Q.Hell

by S.G.

It is always fun and pleasure to watch great artists reinventing popular comics characters into something fresh and awesome. I'm glad I took part and thank you Game Artisans!

Doctor Doom Loki

by baconkai

Thanks for the amazing challenge! I had great fun and I'm already excited for the next challenge! :)

Wonder Woman/Ares

by Baj Singh

I had so much fun working on this character and am really happy with the result. Big thanks to the GA community, the judges and congrats to everybody who finished. Roll on Comicon 2016 :)

Oldtown Batman

by lukasvogl

Thanks for this great challenge! It has been a blast. Many thanks to all participants and their feedback, voters and organizers. Looking foreward to next years sleepless character madness!

Lizard Nightcrawler

by richcareylol


Captain Carnage

by timurkreativ

This was extremely fun! Looking forward to the next one :)
2D Category


by Mironishin

This contest has really inspired and motivated me and I want to share some of this inspiration with you, guys! Inspire and be inspired! Thank you for this fun contest! Let's draw!!!


by Mudakir



by Timens

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge, and of course the organizers of Comicon! I'll wait for the next one! Good luck, love and patience!!!

Superman and Spawn

by atanugh87

It was super fun and it was also a great experience to participate in this challenge. Thank you all and see you in the next one.

Green Angel Alita

by Icedestroyer

Thanks GameArtisans for holding Comicon Challenge each year. It is a great opportunity to get inspired by all participating artists and a chance to expand the boundary of my skills. Already preparing for the next challenge!

Mr.Freeze-Poison Ivy

by encountermy18

Thanks for amazing Challenge! Next time, I will have a better avatar picture, more coffee, and I will be prepareeeeeeeeeeed

Iron Man / Hellboy

by JieYuan

It was a great experience for me. Thank you and see you next time!

Sailor Deadmoon

by NorthernChild

It was so much fun to make this Fusion! Great works everyone, and congratulations to winners. Thank you for this challenge and see you next year.

Spawnclown SWoman

by Valeria_st

Thanks for the challenge! I had a good practice and fun!


by walrus

What an honor to be included! Thank you to everyone who participated and offered their insight and advice on this piece. And thanks to FredH for his tireless, unpaid work organizing GameArtisans' terrific Challenges!

Rogue vs Carol

by Polymeddy

Had a lot of fun this Comicon, can't wait for the next one :). Thank you for making it all happen!

Wanda vs. Havok

by Jule Franke

Thanks to all participants, judges and especially Game Artistans for this cool challenge.

Bracelet of Strength

by Alireza-Sedghi

It was a Great Challenge, had lots of fun! great opportunity to improve & show my skills. Thanks for this Awesome Challenge GA! and thank you all