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I hesitated. With a cybernetic fist laced with Green Kryptonite, I could not deliver the final blow. Glass shattered in the distance. Buildings crumbled. The screams of innocents could be heard over the raging fires. This battle was never suppose to have happened. We were once a team for justice. Now, Wonder Woman, dead. Flash, missing. Green Lantern, dead. Other teammates, down and critically injured. Only he and I remained. He was supposed to be our savior, but all that changed when he became infused with red kryptonite. What was once our world's greatest hero, quicly became our greatest nightmare. He had to be dealt with and at this very moment, only I, Batman, could deal it. With one final punch, the man who was thought to be unbreakable, a man of steel... dead. It was over. I laid him down. Gently. Respect.

The ground began to shake. What? What was happening!? Light emanated from the red caped body and began to fuse with mine. The pain! Argghhh!

I woke up. I had no idea how long I have been out. Something heavy on my chest. I push. A building is pushed aside. What?? I look at my hands. Shocked. Is this for real? I look up towards the sky, bend... and push. I am now in the clouds, looking down. Below me, people looking up in disbelief. No longer concealed in shadows or the night. A bat in the sun lit sky, casting a shadow over the people he swears to always protect. I will honor your name Superman and protect this....

Fusion (3d/2d) It's simple. Merge the powers of any two super heroes/villains to create a single Fused Super Being. Can be a hero into a hero, or villain into another villain, or hero into a villain or villain into a hero. Feel free to alter the costume to suite the new being, or keep the old one and just show/demonstrate the merged powers. It's up to you.

Fusion (Animation) Show one character steal/absorb the power(s) of another character, and then use those new powers to destroy the other character in 20 Seconds or less maximum.

Be creative, let loose, and have some fun. Good luck to all who join Comicon Challenge 2015!

For Questions, Answers or Technical support, please visit here:
Questions and Answers Thread


  • There is a 90.12% probability for a deadline extension of 3 to 21 days. It's up to you, artists, to take this into account. Should you risk a complicated design and hope for an extension? Or should you limit your entry's details so that you are 100% finished within the given time frame? Black or red? Double or nothing? Paper, rock or scissors? Remember, in theory, a gambler may get the glory, but being safe wins the Game!
  • No Teams, groups or collaborations. Everything must be made by "1" single person.
  • (3d/2d) Everything for this challenge must be made from scratch. No personal pre-existing ideas, sketches, animations, drawings, base meshes, or pre-made models.
  • (3d/2d) Please only use heroes and villains for this challenge. Archie is not an "action" hero and Garfield is not a super villain - they don't have weapons and they don't save or attempt to destroy the world. However, Wolverine, Battle Angel Alita, The Phoenix, Flash, Cyclops, Superman, Batman, Gambit, Daredevil, Electra, Joker, Magneto, Ninja Turtles, and many many more are fine.
  • (3d/2d) Characters originating from video games or movies are not allowed for this challenge (Tomb Raider, Star Craft, etc). Do your research.
  • (3d/2d) Keep gore and nudity to a decent level please!
  • (3d/2d) It is mandatory to include the original comic book cover(s) or page(s) that your Fused Super Being is based from. Since your are fusing two characters into one, it would be best to include/show both original sources. Read more about this in Comicon 2015's submission guidelines.
  • Artists can submit 1 entry for 1, 2 or all 3 categories (3d, 2d, and Animation). A 2d concept piece created and used for a 3d entry, can also be submitted into the official 2d concept art category.
  • Soft Deadline: Public voting begins 11:59pm, Eastern Time (click here to view eastern time), Monday, March 30th, 2015. Artists may hand in late submissions, however, the more late an entry is, the more impossible it is to become a top finalist. (Why? Because each voter may only vote once, which is usually done on day 1 of voting. Hence on day 2, 3, 4 or 5 of voting, there will be no one left to vote for late entries)


  • Is G.I.Joe and Transformers allowed? No. They both first originated as toys.
  • It's one character gaining another power correct? Like batman getting a green lantern ring is still batman. We're not doing the DBZ thing where they're creating a third/new character, right? Yes, you are correct. Don't create an entirely new never before seen character, like those seen in dragonball when a combination of two make an entirely new entity.
  • Since DC comics owns World of Warcraft and some other game comics - I assume we are allowed to use characters from them as well? No. Anything from WoW, StarCraft, etc, first originated as a game, so they can't be used for this challenge.
  • Animation Question: Can I remove edges/details? For easier skinning? Yes, the topology can be modified. If you smooth things out a tiny bit and still keep the look of the original, it's fine. But don't abuse this by simply keeping the form as a suggestive guideline and add a million polies to make it cinematic quality. That would be abusive.
  • Can we fuse character from different publisher? Like Goku and Superman? Yes, absolutely. Go Crazy!
  • Is Manga and Manhwa allowed? Yes, absolutely. However, beware the rule listed above in Universal Guidelines that states: "Archie is not an "action" hero and Garfield is not...."
Important: This image must be included in your 1st post of your w.i.p thread. Please read the important details below about how to correctly use and display this image in your thread.

3 Steps to create an official entry...

  • STEP #1: Create a w.i.p thread in the challenge forum of (create thread here). In this personal w.i.p thread, you are able to post all your work in progress images during the challenge. Thread title should be in the following format: Comicon'15 | 3D/2D/Ani | Title of Entry
  • STEP #2: When you have your w.i.p thread, go into your personal entry form for this challenge (3D Form | 2D Form | Animation Form) and submit 3 items.

    Item (a) Upload a thumbnail image (can be a sketch, a reference image, anything) (press "Upload" to upload image)

    Item (b) Save a title for your entry (press "Save" to store it)

    Item (c) The URL (http://your-wip-thread-link) of your w.i.p thread. (press "Save" to store it)

    When items a, b and c are in, your entry will immediately show up on Comicon 2015's thumbnails page.
  • STEP #3: When above is complete, copy and paste this code into the first post of your w.i.p thread(s):
  • DONE!

3D Character Guidelines:

  • Merge the powers of any two super heroes/villains to create a single Fused Super Being.
  • Unlimited polies, unlimited texture sheets, all shaders, all game engines, all 3d programs, any lighting solutions, are yours! Use them as you wish to create a “single” character. However, your final model should still be professionally unwrapped on a single or on multiple sheets. View Example Sheet (by Neil Blevins)
  • No pets, animals, dead bodies, body parts, background statues, animal-like weapon insignias, figure engravings, stone figure-like carvings, figure-like tattoos, figure-like wall/item illustrations, and no extra characters in any shape or form. If an additional life form, entity, undead, robot, citizen, alien, bird, bat, insect, dust mite, duck, carebare, gremlin, living germ, or anything else that resembles an additional entity of any and all kinds in your presentation is found, you will be asked to remove it. Period. Create a single character. Nothing else!!! Why? With unlimited polies and textures, this "No Extra Characters" rule prevents artists with a lot of free time to create an army of characters and creatures, and as result, place high in the finals because of quantity and not quality. Everyone should compete on the same playing field. 1 character and no more!

    EXCEPTION #1: Armor or weapon emblems with face designs, skull armor, and clothing items with face designs or assortments (fur cape with wolf head, rabbit lucky foot, etc.), are allowed.

    EXCEPTION #2: Any pet or mount that a character originally has may be included in your entry. Example: Booster Gold and Skeet

  • A pedestal or small floor area to pose your character on is ok for this challenge.

3D Submission Guidelines:

All following images can be up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.

Main Beauty Image (this image will also double as your small thumbnail shown on view entries page)

  • You are free to do whatever post effects you like on this image. You can create multiple angles of your character or just show one big version of him/her/it. You can include painted environments, skies, effects, etc.

Presentation Image

  • This image must contain one full front pose and one full back pose of your character.
  • Post effects from 3d programs or 2d programs like Photoshop are NOT allowed in this image. The only adjustments allowed are: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Sharpness, color balance, Curves, and Hue/Saturation.

Construction Image

  • This image should depict how your character was made. Wireframe shots, high-res models, multiple angles or just one big wireframe shot. It's up to you.

Texture Images

  • It is mandatory to squeeze your diffuse and normal maps onto this "one" image. Reflection, transparency, bump, specular, etc. maps are optional.

Concept/Skethes + Reference Image

  • On this sheet, you MUST include an original comic book cover(s) or page(s) that your Fused Super Being is based on. Since your are fusing two characters into one, it would be best to include/show both original sources. Additional personal sketches, concepts, and doodles are optional.


Concept Art Guidelines:

  • Create an illustration that depicts a Fused Super Being. This illustration can include Pets, animals, crowds, audiences, and additional characters. However! only one character can be the "Fused Super Being" (contains powers of two characters fused together) and it should be obvious that everything is about this Fused Super Being and not about the other optional characters/creatures/extras in your scene.

2D Submission Guidelines:

All following images can be up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.

Main Illustration (this image will also double as your small thumbnail shown on view entries page)

  • A final illustrated color concept of your glorious Fused Super Being!

Progression Image

  • A Step-by-step process image of how you made your final illustration. This image must contain sketches as well as a few images showing the process leading up to your final main illustration.

Optional: 1-3 Extra Images

  • You are free to submit up to 3 extra images of your choosing. Can be, reference images, extra work-in-progress shots, area specific highlights, additional sketches, etc. On one of these extra sheets, you MUST include an original comic book cover(s) or page(s) that your Fused Super Being is based on. Since your are fusing two characters into one, it would be best to include/show both original sources.



by Evanescfan


Demon Soldier
by korpusenko

Acceptable items for Comicon 2015:

  • Show one character steal/absorb the power(s) of another character, and then use those new powers to destroy the other character in 20 Seconds or less maximum.
  • 20 seconds duration maximum. This 20 seconds "must" start immediately when the animation begins. Once your 20 second main sequence is over, you can add an additional 30 seconds for scene break down, credits, animation tests, etc.
  • Only 2 of the supplied character models may be used for this challenge. No personal character models, animals, living-object characters, or insect models can be included in your scene.
  • Yes, props are allowed. You can add as many additional props as you would like to depict your 20 second sequence, however, each individual item must be no more than 750 tris max. Example, if you make a table, its tri count should be 750 tris max. This restriction is in place to prevent animators from modeling extraordinary stuff. Make your items suggestive and concentrate on what this category is all about.... animation!
  • Yes, all lighting solutions and rendering solutions from any software package is allowed.
  • Yes, Particle systems are allowed. Use solid mesh planes to depict your particle system(s). Physic modifiers are also allowed.
  • Yes, Motion Blur is allowed.
  • Yes, instead of creating a 3D animation, you can create a 2D animation. For 2d Animators, your entire animation must be in Black and white, or a single tone color (all shades of brown, or all shades of blue, etc). Style? Your animation can be comprised of stick figures or extremely elaborate characters (2 characters maximum). It's up to you.
  • Yes, please include an overlay that shows the title of the challenge and any personal contact details you wish to include.

Non-acceptable items for Comicon 2015:

  • No textures, coloring and Transparencies allowed. Each Mesh/object, should be a single solid color. Each character and his/her equipment must be the same single color.
  • No Sound fx or music.
  • No altering the shape of your character's base mesh, however, for each character you have in your animation, you have the ability to give him/her up to 500 bonus tris for extra gear, clothing, appendages, and/or weapons. Optional: At your discretion, you can also modify and add more lines/topology to the joints of your selected base mesh(es) if it helps his/her movement in your animation. This joint modification does not count towards your 500 bonus tris per character.
  • No Glows, lens flares, fires, smoke, etc, anything with color, transparency and/or fluid tone (example, a laser beam effect). Please use polygons/tris with zero transparency to make your effects and particles.

Submission Guidelines:

Final Thumbnail Image

  • On the top of your animation submission form, upload an image. This image should be a frame/shot from your animation. It will be displayed on the view entries page for public viewing and voting. Please do not post a forum avatar, selfie photo, reference image or sketch image to represent your animation.

Animation Fight Sequence

  • Your final animation should be uploaded to,,,, or Don't submit any links with iframe or embed code. It should be a short link that you obtained by pressing on the "SHARE" link on your video website (youtube example code: Important: please preview your submission to make sure your animation link works and plays properly. If you can't see your animation, then no one else can see it either.

1-4 Extra Images

  • Feel free to include some renders of your characters, screen shots, scene set up images, wireframes, etc.
  • Comicon Challenge 2015 is open to all artists in all countries.
  • Comicon Challenge is a fan-based competition - meaning all work created for this challenge is purely to showcase skills and to have fun while making something great. No work may be sold or profited from in any fashion, without obtaining the proper licensing agreements from the original license owners.
  • Comicon Challenge 2015 is an artist-for-artists event. No profit is made from artwork submissions.
  • Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Any image deemed to contain content that depicts violence, racial, political, religious, sexual or any other inflammatory material in an inappropriate manner may be disqualified and removed. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is the sole discretion of the Organizer.
  • The Organizer will not be held responsible for late or missing entries for any reason whatsoever. It is the sole responsibility of the entrants to make reasonable allowances for upload times and to plan accordingly.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, extend or amend any part of Comicon's rules, prizes, or deadlines in any manner at its sole discretion with or without prior notice.

    ** The organizer of this challenge is - FredH