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For specific information regarding the use of Comicon 2016's Entry Form.

The Mysteries of the Join Form Revealed

01 :.:: This container displays your primary image and is shown on view entries pages so that viewers can find and visit your linked wip thread during the challenge. At end of challenge, if category 3D, this is your Main "Beauty Shot." If 2D, this is your "Main Illustration" Image. If Animation, this is your thumbnail image. Please Note: During the challenge, you can continually update this image to let viewers know that you made progress in your w.i.p thread.

02 :.:: Use this to Upload the image in NO#1.

03 :.:: Submit a title for your entry. Example: "Marry Pop'ems!" Title is shown on your team's view entries page under your thumbnail.

04 :.:: Submit a url to your w.i.p thread. Your thread should be located in your selected community's forum. Please don't post a personal website, youtube link, etc.

05 :.:: Descriptions, notes, or special thanks are optional. If you use special characters like Chinese, Japanese, etc, you must convert it into html so that it shows properly. Example converter: Here

06 :.:: This section becomes available when you have completed the required fields above. Herein, you can upload your final images to complete your entry.

07 :.:: IMPORTANT: Before the challenge ends, and once you finished your work and uploaded all your art herein, you MUST press this button to lock-in your entry. On the next page, you must then confirm your final entry. Once confirmed, you will see a Congratulations message for a job well done!

The Animation Field Revealed

08 :.:: This container displays a preview of your linked video clip. If it shows up here, your video link was entered correctly. If a broken image is shown, please revise your url.

09 :.:: Use this field to submit your Animation url. Don't submit any links with iframe or embed code. It should be a short link that you obtained by pressing on the "SHARE" link on your video website (youtube, vimeo, etc). Only the following video providers are accepted as links.,,,, and

Member Profile Information

10 :.:: To update your avatar and profile information, you must be a registered member with "1" or more approved forum posts on Why? Because of SPAM!! We get thousands and thousands of pornography advertisement posts, virus posts, shopping posts, etc, each week. To prevent these posts from showing up to public, all first time posters must have their first post approved by a GA admin. It takes 24-72 hours. When approved, you can edit your profile, update your avatar, and have full access to,,,, etc.

11 :.:: To activate your awards, you can turn ON your awards here - Ranking Options

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Soft Deadline: Public voting begins 11:59pm, Eastern Time (click here to view eastern time), : : . : Monday, July 25th, 2016: . : : Artists may hand in late submissions, however, the more late an entry is, the more impossible it is to become a top finalist. (Why? Because each voter may only vote once, which is usually done on day 1 of voting. Hence on day 2, 3, 4 or 5 of voting, there will be no one left to vote for late entries)