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UC III banner by FredH

“How Unearthly Challenge III works? Join 1 of the 7 competing communities and create an environment and/or vehicle that surpasses everyday objects, scenes and realities. Challengers who meet the deadline with an entry that captures the hearts of public voters and judges, win the event for themselves and their community! Be it for prize highlights, to make new friends, show your talents, find employment, or to have loads of fun while trying your very best, you only need to bring yourself and your talents to fully appreciate this event. Good luck!”
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Alexander Melentiev
Alexander Melentiev - Freelance Artist

Alexander Melentiev was born in 1982 in Ivanovo, Russia. His journey began at an early age, when, always inspired by objects and scenes around him, he decided to learn art and all its intricacies. After he graduated from "Ivanovo art school" (department of design) with honors, his path was set for what quickly became a fantastic career. With schooling left behind him, he moved to Perm (Russia) and took on work as an interior designer. In 2003, as his desire for cg became more and more prominent, he started to dabble in computer graphics. Since then, the world has come to see many of his works featured and awarded in Galleries across Russia and other International exhibits. Repeatedly, Alexander successfully took part in a world challenge for game art, Dominance War, and his works were included in the top 30 from a vast pool of hundreds.

Andrew Maximov
Andrew Maximov - Senior Artist - KIXEYE

After the first year of getting his degree in International Relations and Economy, Andrew dropped out of University to make games. He has never looked back since. 5 years, 3 countries and 10 projects later his work has been featured a number of times on the front pages of some of the biggest game art communities in the world, written about in Game Developers Magazine and awarded the grand prix by Montreal International Game Summit Art Gallery. He gave about a dozen talks on beauty and challenges of video game art production, speaking for universities and academies around the world including the Game Developers Conference and Game Developers Association in San Francisco and National Animation & Design Centre in Montreal.

Right now, Andrew lends his expertise to a highly secret project as a Senior Artist at KIXEYE in San Francisco and is always happy to help out with any community projects.

Malcom Kelly
Malcom Kelly - Technical Artist

Back in 2004 after a few years in web and database development, Malcolm made the decision to follow his true calling... to develop for and work in CG. He began as simply an artist, but he quickly developed new thoughts and techniques for various disciplines. Finally, one day, he found the block that fits - technical artist. Today, Malcolm spends the majority of his time on a number of cutting edge projects in the software development industry.

Recently, Malcolm has been working in a major games studio in the UK, where he oversees the creation of environment assets.

Pascal Blanché
Pascal Blanché - Art Director - Ubisoft

Pascal started on the path towards a career in video/photography and computer graphics at the Art School of Luminy, Marseille. Following art school, he freelanced for TILT magazine, an early video games magazine and then worked in the video game field for sixteen years at companies such as Virtual Xperience, Xilam, Haikus studio and also with Sony, working on the first French/Canadian full CG movie ‘Kaena: the Prophecy’. As Art Director at Ubisoft Montreal, one of the biggest video game development studio in the world. He worked on Myst IV Revelation, Naruto rise of a ninja and James Cameron's Avatar the game ( X360/PS3). After working two years in UK for Frontier and helping to refresh the visuals of Runescape the biggest free MMO browser game for Jagex , pascal is now back at Ubisoft Montreal. He is also a well rounded illustrator (freelancer), and worked for Wizards of the coast, Autodesk, Funcom, Microsoft, and made several cover books.

Sjoerd De Jong
Sjoerd De Jong - Creative Director

Sjoerd began his journey in art over ten years ago. Throughout his career, he has worked for companies like Guerrilla Games, Starbreeze, Epic Games, Webzen, and more. Sjoerd's key skills are in the fields of level design and environment art, and he is considered an expert with Unreal Engine. Nowadays, Sjoerd is responsible for large parts of the reowned game development education FutureGames in central Stockholm, as well as running his own company Teotl Studios, having released two games of its own titles in the last few years (The Ball and Unmechanical).

Sjoerd has been awarded numerous times in his career. He has placed 8 times as first place in the Epic Games “Make Something Unreal” contests, along with another 7 top 5 places. An unmatched achievement. In 2010, “The Ball”, a title where he was creative director and overall project lead, became PC Gamer USA's Action Adventure game of the year. With two written articles, many talk events, and various tutorials, Sjoerd has made and continues to make a significant contribution to the industry at large.

Tae Kuen Kim
Tae Kuen Kim – Neowiz Games - Senior Technical Artist

Tae Kuen began his journey in Game Development when he landed his first job in Neversoft Entertainment as an Environment artist. Therein, he contributed his talents to acclaimed titles like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero series. As time passed, his journey continued into the land of Electronic Arts, where he develop an Online version of NBA street and BattleField 2 in Korea as a Technical Artist. Next came Webzen, where he worked on Arctic Combat as a Lead Environment Artist. Today, Tae Kuen Kim proudly works at Neowiz Games where he helps develop a flagship MMORPG, “Bless”, as a Lead Technical Artist.

Weiye (Franc) Yi
Weiye (Franc) Yi – 3D Character & Environment Artist

Weiye is passionate about his work. As a highly creative artist, he has contributed his talents to various companies across the globe, like Activision, 2K, Microsoft Game Studios, SEGA, and various companies that produce games for TV. His work has earned him an Expose5 Master Award and has been invited to showcase his extensive character art in a new art book series published by leewiART. His hobbies includes dining, traveling, continually perfecting his skills as a diverse artist, and contributing to art communities where he enjoys helping others excel. In addition to Unearthly Challenge III, Weiye was also an Honorary 3d Judge for Dominance War V.

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Guangjian Huang - Guang Yu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. - General manager

Guangjian is a famous concept artist and illustrator with a talent for rendering fantastical ideas with stunning realism. Despite majoring in International Accounting, Guangjian proved too awesome for the world of fiscal management. Through self-study and hard working, he honed his talents and went on to become the 2009 champion of Dominance War. Now, Guangjian is founder of "Guang Yu Cooperate”, a studio that outsources concept art to video game companies, such as Blizzard, Applibot, CROOZ, and Cygames, among others. He is also the founder of the "Guang Yi" art school for concept art and illustration, which has gained renown in China for producing many outstanding students.

Jihoon Kim
Jihoon Kim - 3d Environment and Concept Artist - 343 studios

As a graduate of Industrial Design at Kookmin University, and Animation & Visual Effects at the Academy of Art, San Franscico, Jihoon kim has an extensive background in both 3d and traditional/concept art. Over time, he has contributed his talents to many games and projects that you have probably seen or heard of today - projects like Halo, Dark Void, Acid Rain, Mutant Z, and even a classic, Robotech. When not engaged in creating designs and inspirations for games, Jihoon enjoys photography and exploring the world.

Jingpeng Xu Xiao
Jingpeng Xu Xiao - Guang Yi Art School - Artistic Director

Jingpeng is a senior concept artist and a passionate teacher over at China's Guang Yi Digital Art school. He's always found inspiration for his art in the everyday, borrowing heavily from the natural beauty of the world; Life is his greatest muse and the real influence behind his wonderful works. He ranked 4th overall in the 2D category during Unearthly Challenge 2009 and since then, he has been continually working on freelance jobs and his own personal art explorations. To this day, XiaoK continually searches for the meaning behind self and brush.

Justice Wong
Justice Wong - Freelance Concept Artist

Justice Wong, with a background in traditional art, fine arts and animation, enjoys using his talents on high-end digital illustrations, comic book story-boarding and concept design for games. His ideas and visions are what drives him, and with this, he continually aims to create intense and epic visuals for next gen art. Trained during his early years, his drive has never stopped. As the years passed by, he gained further experience when he entered the industry as a CG artist on projects like Dark Soul, Legend of the Cryptids, Galaxy Saga and an MMORPG titled Bloody Bite. When not busy at work, Justice enjoys comic books, movies, traveling, and of course, art - in all it's shapes and forms.

Ma Jie
Ma Jie - Matte Painter and Environment Concept Artist

Ma Jie, with a background in art, works as a matte painter and concept artist for film. During his career, Ma Jie has worked on some extraordinary projects. His work can be found in memorable movies like Eclipse, Sucker Punch, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, The Last stand, and more. In addition to his extensive background in art, MaJie also enjoys making personal art during his spare time. These personal works have been published in book titles like Expose7, Expose8, Expose9, Spectrum 18, and Digital Art Master 5. When not busy with work, Ma Jie enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Markus Lovadina
Markus Lovadina - Creative Director and Freelance Concept Artist

Markus currently works as a Creative Director in advertising and as a freelance Concept Artist / Illustrator for Games. During his career as an artist, Markus has worked for a variety of clients and companies, such as Acclaim Entertainment, Activision, Ubisoft Entertainment and more. In addition to his work in advertising and games, he has also worked on movie projects and is proud to have produced some book covers too. When not busy at work, Markus enjoys creating personal art and sharing his designs, ideas and art with the world. Some of these works have earned awards of excellence in magazines and websites like: It's Art Magazine, 3dtotal.com, CG Arena, Imagine FX, and many more.

Pamonh Sisouk
Pamonh Sisouk - Lead Artist - Gameloft Montréal

After a Graphic Arts and Visual Communication studies, he made an artistic debut at 16, as a computer graphic designer. Along his journey, he has held roles as : Model maker, Graphic designer 2D/3D, Roughman, Web Designer, Teacher, Trainer, Co-Developer, Lead Artist, Project Manager, Creative Director and Artistic Director. With this accumalated experience, he has helped manage projects and performed freelance work for big firms. During his career, he spent the majority of his time developing functional tools and creating the PI, but at the same time, he never forgets to keep pushing his own personal art and styles forward – to a next personal best level.

Tatiana Vetrova
Tatiana Vetrova - Sperasoft - Concept Artist

Tatiana graduated from Krasnoturinsky College of Fine Arts as a traditional artist, where she then began to teach fine arts until 2008. Her path took a curve ball to the left of the plate when she began her explorations into the depth of digital art. With no regrets, she quickly became a digital concept artist. Since then, she has worked professionally from 2010 and forward as a character and environment concept artist. In her spare time, Tatiana enjoys photography, likes to watch movies and of course, plays video games. She currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Unearthly Challenge 2013 Deadline Extension

11:59 p.m Eastern Time, Monday, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2013