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Champions of Category: 3D Characters

1st Place Champion

Brainiac - Stand

by Ballo

Brainiac. Eater of worlds.

2nd Place Champion

Robin's Stand

by joymepls

Some mature version of Robin in some cyberpunk future.

3rd Place Champion

Judge Dredd

by Stepanchikov

4th Place Champion

Joker - Final

by Danpetro

Joker by Danilo Athayde

Champions of Category: 2D Characters

1st Place Champion

Mr.Freeze - Final

by .leshiy

2nd Place Champion

The Last Arrow

by C780162

Lured into a deadly trap, Green Arrow finds himself fighting for his life as all the criminals in Starling City descended on him. Whittled down to his very last arrow, Oliver makes one last desperate shot for victory. And ...

3rd Place Champion

Hellboy Final

by Zagumennyy

4th Place Champion

Wolverine | Final

by Gintonio

Joker - Stand

by AlexMill

In my concept-Joker has killed Batman. But since it can not exist without him, the Joker decided to combine the Betsy and himself. I decide that will be very interesting to combine this two characters.


by Cultrix

Cygnus Hyoga

by Mako.san

Battle of Hyoga Vs. Gold Knight Milo of Scorpion.


by Loraine Howard

For the contest I decided to model Darkseid . The reason why I picked him, is because of his thick proportions. This will give me more of an opportunity to exaggerate his silhouette and concept a more contemporary outfit .

Iron Girl

by Bogdanbl4

Batman Stand

by Araks

Joker's Stand

by vsr

Red Sonja Final

by savagelightbox

didn't get to finish but oh well. Life happens.


by ruri3d

i choose Hellboy

Green Lantern

by ecburgess

Spider-Man - Final

by moonlazer


Deadpool - Final

by faw98272

Lady Deadpool

by worldmaker

HEll, yeah baby!

Sailor Moon - Stand

by AsuRocks

The legendary moon princess is back to save the world. She has grown up, learned some new skills and ready to kick some ass. Her old companions are still on her side, of course.


by JeanMouche


by biorobotokosten

Iron Monger

by basicallynormal


by Moonwildflower

Apocalypse | Stand

by RogerP

Tetsuo - Final

by Sterna

Lobo stand

by vAp

Hawkgirl - Stand

by JBellio

Hawkgirl Comicon 2014!

Superman Red Son

by Lammakian


by dmaxart


by Elmo

Elektra - Final

by frkviloria

It was amazing expirience, thanks for your comments and good Luck everybody!...


by weisheng

Classic Batman Final

by vanguish

Spawn Stand

by hakeem


by davidcruz1718


The return of HELSPONT, armed with the ultimate plan he masses all his minions and loyal subjects, this being the daemonites and all the rules of the world who beloved money and power over anythi...

Robin's Stand

by joymepls

Some mature version of Robin in some cyberpunk future.

ARANA aka Spidergirl

by Draxxuss

War Machine Stand

by mCerasoli

Wolverine - Final

by abraaosegundo

Here my first post, chose Wolverine, the final theme.

Killer Croc

by rayo3d

The Incredible Hulk

by SeedyRom

Raphael TMNT

by vhirata

3D | Iron Man

by sloppymess

Old Thor | Stand

by Echronos

Poison Ivy Stand

by Jovel

Apocalypse Stand

by JLmussi

Alphonse Elric Final

by mikeParker

Fin Fang Foom

by Alexjh

Fin Fang Foom, He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun, stands in final battle against the villainy of the Mandarin, who would dare to try and take the Great Dragon's power for his own.

Alphonse Elric Stand

by DumpsterTree

Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Archangel Final

by nimlot26

Conan Final

by insepto

Shockwave - Stand

by Rafael Amarante

Wolverine - STAND

by Nazedo

Hellgirl Final

by Laumii

Silver Surfer

by DroidsForSale

Cassidy Final

by dkertesz

Wonder Woman

by Rayph

My take on a re-designed wonder woman focusing on her amazonian origins.

Agent Venom - Stand

by richcareylol

Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson - Agent Venom

Bizarro - DC comics

by lesoaress

Guyver Stand

by Slava Gedich

Catwoman Final

by Voldemarr

ROM the SpaceKnight

by irritated1

ROM, Greatest of the SpaceKights, has returned to avenge the destruction of Golden Galador. Although the builders have already been defeated, ROM will not suffer any survivors. For the ultimate crime of ending his home w...

Wolverine | Final

by Gintonio

Brainiac - Stand

by Ballo

Brainiac. Eater of worlds.


by rondoc

Supermans Stand

by StrongRum

Harley Quinn

by rachel


by fantasymaster

Finally, the lost hero has returned...

Lizard - Spiderman

by ldoug831

Hey all! I am here to learn. Best of luck to all!

Corto Maltese

by Gray Fox

I decided to make a main hero of the italian comics 'Corto Maltese'

The Darkness - Stand

by ubeor


by Jepiro

Bebop - Stand

by Denissvesh


Deathstroke | Stand

by Baj Singh

Deathstroke clad in Japanese cyborg-esque armour.

Deadshot vs Superman

by Lord_S_J_Brown

Mr.Freeze - Final

by .leshiy

BATMAN -Final-

by calebNefzen


by Obscelum

Wolverine | Stand

by Kettun

STAND - The Return Finally he returned to earth, Midgard, after so long on Asgard Back to fight Loki once more, who had struck him down so long ago in a climactic battle of gods among men. He fought alongside Thor and wo...

Cap's Final Stand

by DLVasco

After getting frustrated with some of the previous designs I came up with, I decided to go the other way and settle for an artwork that is calm, as in the calm before the storm. 'The Grey' comes to mind, when (SPOILER)...

Scarlet Witch Stand

by UnseenAcademic


by dee-mon

finn(adventure time)

by ravenslayer

Firefly's final

by Tani Zelensova

Gotham is in fire. Three weeks passed from the first explosion but citizens didn't know what happened and why the northern part of the city had been fully evacuated and had been surrounded by police and SWAT forces. T...

The Talon

by jeremydilks


by letmekhush

LadyPunisher- Final

by Bikash

Hammerstein - Final

by Vitrux

Black Adam Stand

by king_p

Not real happy with it, didn't get much time to work on this challenge, hopefully things won't be so crazy for me next time.

Hellboy - STAND 2D

by Luke Viljoen

This is a version of Hellboy, in his awakened demon form.

Cyborg - Stand

by Herik Campos

Flash | Stand

by nirmalendu_paul


Green Arrow

by TheQuietPotato

Green Arrow challenge entry.

Asgardian Storm

by Harlequin

This is Storm, just returning from planet Asgard where she has spent some time, gotten some new magical gear and trained with the other Weather God.


by ACap

Thor is fighting with Thanos


by BK-symbol

Venom destroy everything around, in order to start a life and death struggle with Spiderman. Coexistence of good and evil is not, cruel venom has gone through many disasters as Spiderman after heart opposite. Venom from ...

Armaggon - Final

by ACap

Armaggon - evil shark from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles universe.

Jubilee Stand

by Tek-Man

Domu's CHO

by molossus

Chojiro Uchida - also known as Old Cho, he is a senile old man who lives at the housing complex. Old Cho has psychic powers which he uses to murder other occupants of the complex. His apparent motive for the killings is...


by Akash Maharana


Sabretooth | Final

by artgolod

The Golden Compass

by XRCG-Tudou

The story takes place in a world of our parallel operationspace, this is a wizard to guide the northern sky time, polar bears are the bravest warrior. As for the human, they each have a soul becomes the beast, its import...

Raphael, 3D, Stand

by Bloodgar

Story behind sculpture: ...Revenge of the Red Bandanna... ... Far away into the mountain temple, "Red Bandanna", as they call him now, sat still deep into his meditation. It took him 15 long years to get to this sta...

Wonder Woman-Stand

by sagiarts

Hisako Ichiki

by Zaambee

Poison Ivy | Stand

by PsKaloo

Lady Mechanika

by Amdeewet

Son GoKu

by blacksky422

hello!! goku is my most like character when i am a kid

Blade 2099

by mrhobox

Vampire Corporations have grown big, strong and expanded over the years to exert extreme control over every facet of our lives. The Daywalker is gone. Driven underground and into hiding. Hunted. Whistler has been gone f...

3D | Kroenen | Stand

by SergeyRomanenko

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen is a fictional character in the Hellboy comic book series, created by Mike Mignola.

Guts | Final

by violic


by Motsak


by Lv Yan

Hellboy was back to hell after death, time flies, 500 years fleeting, elderly hellboy inherited satan, became the new king of hell. Time to time the ghosts flying above the throne, rolling up evil wind, which reminde...

The Huntress (Stand)

by chloeserpa

The penguin has been in a battle with the huntress and in his anger has thrown her into the lazarus pit. She has returned as a baby huntress (slightly insane and very angry) looking for revenge.

Grandad Hellboy

by Isabel.Morgan

Stand- My image is Hellboy escaping from the retirement home on his "Aurama 3" turbo Mobility Scooter, as he has had enough of being stuck there.

Eren Titan Final

by EricHall

Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan in his Titan form during his final battle with Annie's Titan. Learned a lot with this one, hope everyone likes it!

Lady Mechanika_Stand

by Karambola

Lady Mechanika is the newest creator-owned comic book series by Joe Benitez, inspired by the steampunk genre.

Green Cantern

by lintiantt

In the vast boundless, the mystery of the universe, there is a strong force of elite groups, For centuries, they have always been a strong guard of justice and peace, is called the Green Lantern corps. Each member had vo...

Bebop's Stand

by zeroyuen

Shredder who is boss of the villain escaped with his men Bebop and Rocksteady from NY, since he was defeated by teenage mutant ninja turtles. But they still thirsted to revenge teenage mutant ninja turtles and conquer t...

Juggernaut Stand

by nikitoz

Juggernaut available to everyone)

Linebarrel Stand

by don_sardonis

Ultron Stand

by Jeebs

Red Hood - Stand

by Lowsi

My image depicts Red Hood (Jason Todd), from the Batman Universe. A new, improved younger version. Stylised with modern clothing.

Whiplash Stand

by fred2303

Black Widow, Stand

by edossnowbars

Old Man Logan

by euge

X-23 | Final

by Lapis

Spawn Final

by iwontdeny

Guts Stand

by M4rt3

my entry is a version of Guts (from Berserk Manga serie) ascended to the level of god hand slayer after the death of Caska. His body is now fused to the armor of the berserker and the dragonslayer is filled with the soul...

Doctor Strange

by s.girish

Hawkeye Final

by Walgrind

The last Shot of Ultimate Hawkeye .

Motoko Kusanagi

by Genma Saotome


by onelung

Bebop is back and in full on SLAAAAUGHTER MODE, and claiming heroes with his new and improved ooze canon grenade launcher!

The Riddler !!

by Antone_m

STAND - It has been a while now after he lost his last battle ... took his time and managed to wake up with more power than before and more Riddles for the world to solve ... he is stronger than before he is more determe...

Fin Fang Foom Stand

by ljsketch

"He whose limbs shatter mountains and whose back scrapes the sun"

Shi - Final

by crazy_pixel

Storm - Final

by youriah

Storm, tattered from a heavy battle, rises as she summons what could be her final attack.

Rocket Raccoon Stand

by Fniss

Frieza - Stand

by changiz

Frieza from Dragon Ball manga series created by Toriyama Akira was one of my favorite character in my childhood back to 1986.


by Ometto

Doppelganger Spiderman

Apocalypse - Stand

by marianosteiner

Apocalypse ( Marvel - X-men ) Higher res images at :

Colossus - Stand

by sumutf


by jem

Hawkman Reborn

by cjoy

Thousands of years have passed since the smoldering remains of the alien craft with the hawk-like insignia were found by the Egyptian prince Khufu out in the desert. The weapons he crafted from the strange metal he found...


by scorn-maniac

Asterix and the final stand off against the Roman army!


by Kirtan

Great experience..I didn't have much time to finish it .But this is how far I got.Had an awesome time.

Lotet- DeadPool

by Lotet

Red Tornado

by Future Infinity

Joker - Final

by Danpetro

Joker by Danilo Athayde

Judge Dredd

by Stepanchikov

Elisabeth Bathory

by SunKhamunaki

Harley Quinn Stand

by Nakedbuddha

Harley Quinn | STAND

by payeah

So ! Harley's back from a trip to a Comicon or Japan...or both...and what's best than to be Mister J.'s lolita ? :p

Spiderman - Final

by Kevin Shah

My concept is Spiderman as the "Ultimate Symbiote"; showing him as merged with Venom and Carnage and in a pissed off emotion due to the death of Mary Jane. Any suggestions/critic, positive or negative, be great!

Groot - Final

by turbo

Superman 2D | Stand

by Diego Martinez

Bo Plushy Gangsta

by ACeye

Samantha Argent

by armians

SPAWN [Final]

by Fury_on

Fighting against angels? Such a hard thing to do, even for a mighty Spawn!

Archangel - Stand

by ZamM90

Berserk Guts

by mdrid

(Turnaround Video Link >> )______________________ For the 3D Category, under 'Final' section for the Comicon 2014. This would be a tribute work for my favorite...

Black Adam's stand

by ish3d

Hello, everyone. I'll be doing the Black Adam's stand. Good luck all.

Aqualad's Final

by EmJaeR

An easy covert mission for Aqualad and his team became a lot harder when Bane and the Injustice League ambushed the young heroes on the island of Santa Prisca. Now alone and with no chance of rescue, Aqualad readies hims...

Redskull - Stand

by Felo

Cable | Stand

by _CAD_

Mikasa | Final

by _CAD_

Iron Fist | Final

by kaktuzlime


by dadabruce

Merciless war continued from the dawn to the night. The city became dark after the sunset, and the survivors only can see the burning flame around them… Though always ignoring outside of the world, Spawn, the loner, ...

GAMBIT : Final

by samtime

Swamp Thing -Stand

by Amr3d

Swamp Thing -Stand

Kroenen Final

by nightleaf

Romulus | Final

by Corwin-Cross


by samon

Azrael Batman |Stand

by Tioxic

Ghost Rider's Stand

by MGrecke

Ant-Man | Stand

by Vin Iho

Wonder Woman,Final

by encountermy18

Wonder Woman in an image of the hero of the USSR, and as her beloved friends - cyborgs bears


by Bramleech

The Mandarin | Stand

by re5ist

The Mandarin using the Extremist virus technology. He combine his ring power with the virus to attack and also created him self be a super human that have an area of the brain to healing body injured. He come to defeat I...

Thor - Final

by TairoW

Thor based on a concept from Massive Black for the Movie.

Black Manta | Stand

by theforceluke

Black Manta is a supervillain appearing in DC Comics, primarily as the archenemy of Aquaman.

Hellboy Final

by Zagumennyy

Conan | Final

by FrAcTuRe

Conan Final

Supergirl Final

by AlbyU

Well, first I did the one with the landscape orientation but as it was finished, I did not like it... The composition was very weak and also it is to overcrowded by effects and stuff... So I decided to do a second one, p...

Xavier Stands Again

by cschoch

Xavier stands again with robotic leg braces to fight at the front lines.

Juggernaut Assault

by Mudakir

This is Juggernaut, modified by Tony Stark, to face the final battle against Thanos, the last hope of earth is not the hero after all.

Hawkgirl Stand

by CgNara

It's about time...

by StandingMonkey

As a misunderstood hero, the hellspawn tried to save humanity from evil, more than once. Always as a shadow, hiding himself. But when this one appears to the light of the day, showing his true face to people of the world...


by prutznel

Ming - The Merciless

by Gaston


by Maximiliaan

I've made Storm from the X-man series, following the theme final.
Gave myself the budged of 25k triangles and a total of 4k texture size which could be divided up into separate maps.

Used specs:


by ajkjk

Arale Stand

BatMan - Stand

by ellient

3ds max , Zbrush , Vray , photoshop , bodypaint



The leader of the Red Lanterns Atrocitus cooking to come to the absolute power of his ring coming to the planet where it all began release the hidden power of the spirit of RAGE ring one of the most vindictive and powerf...

Cibo (Blame) - Stand

by romale

turntable -

Spiderman Stand

by Yoyo!

Evil is rising from every direction and Spiderman needs new power to protect mankind from destruction, so he decided to fuse the power of venom, controlling the venom only with his strong mental state, he risk himself to...

Heavily Armored

by Einherjar


by alex_zeng

The most epic battle between CLARE & PRISCILLA. Priscilla has been fully awaken and became a complete monster, who lost her memory, craves human flesh, and longs for a fight with Clare. She is So far the top-one villain ...

Batman - Stand

by sarakawa


by Steban

This is the first chance i`ve had to join this challenge, i hope to be good enough to compete with all these great artists

Hellboy - Stand

by Denchik111

Shazam - Stand

by L_A_L_I_90

SHAZAM! - Stand- After the defeat of Black Adam in the great crisis, Shazam was nowhere to be found. Some presumes that he was killed in the battle. 16 years after his disappearance, when a great evil arise from the dar...

Biker Mice from Mars

by colour splash

The last battle of the mice


by henry1883115


by Fear

Judge Dredd final

by Carnage

The Last Arrow

by C780162

Lured into a deadly trap, Green Arrow finds himself fighting for his life as all the criminals in Starling City descended on him. Whittled down to his very last arrow, Oliver makes one last desperate shot for victory. An...


by Duncan Fraser

THE HULK has returned

Juvenile Batman

by chaos81

I wanted to create a much younger Batman, who is pretty skinny and scrawny. He is highly intelligent and able to invent and create his own gadget to fight crimes on Gotham City. What he lacks is the actual experience.

Ghost Rider | Stand

by Evas

Ghost Rider 2099 Zero. Hacker Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane was shot and facing death in Transverse City after being hunted down for stealing information from the D/Monix corporation. As the poison from a flechette coursed...

The Goon

by iheartmyself

Final - The Goon- iheartmyself

Batman snaps

by Entenn

For this challenge I picked my all time favorite hero: Batman! I had this idea for this illustration for a very long time. A moment I wanted to capture when Batman accidentally crosses the line by killing Joker. The insp...


by goraaz

Logan hears an explosion in the forest and decides to investigate it. At the source of the explosion sound he finds a crater where something has landed. Before realizing it, a venom symbiote attacks him and takes over wh...

Leonardo - Final

by Born8th


by Nikt


Nova / Stand

by digitalinkmind

Background story for the character- During his retirement, Richard Rider was suddenly transported into a parallel universe by an unkow cosmic event. his infection by the transmode virus has returned and at the alternativ...

Eric (The Crow)

by NorthernChild


by lepyoshka

"Flesh Wound"- Fin

by Xeroll

Idea was originally just Cyclops but then wondered how he was going to fire from his visor with just one arm... and so Gambit joined the show. Cyclops is alive he's just in immense pain at this point, all Gambit is there...

Black Dwarf (Stand)

by inomaru

Wolverine's Wrath

by Attori

Some Sketches about my Wolverine's character

Spawn of Death

by AimBiZ

The Batman

by daay0204

Hello everyone,I hope I will do my best in this challenges.

Spoiler STAND

by Red Vulpes

Hi everyone! I decided to choose Spoiler from DC comics.

Thor - Final

by elxaoc

Intoxicating trap. Evil and deceit can take the form of a beauty, to hide behind the sweet words and a gentle tel. Anyone can fall for such tricks, especially the heroes. And it's good if you can get out of the trap and ...

Onepunchman Final



M.O.D.O.K. - Stand

by Moustachu

M.O.D.O.K. stole a nuclear warhead and a Iron man armor blueprint... He returns as a powerful weapon to destroy all the super heroes !

City Hunter

by Vilenchik

His life is different in the daytime and at night, he looks different from what he really is, his goal is the restoration of justice for all


by walrus

My entry is Colossus from The Uncanny X-Men. This scene is intended to take place in the future described in the classic "Days of Future Past" storyline (the basis for the upcoming X-men movie.) In that story, the Sentin...

Asuka| Last Stand

by ChibiChise

From one of my most beloved shows from when I was a child, and character of choice, Asuka Langley Soryu with Unit 02.

2D | Huntress |Stand

by SZR

Ichigo Final

by Clintus Maximus

Ichigo from Bleach in his hollow form!


by mansarali

Wolverine is in a battle against alien invasion reducing the world to Armageddon. The aliens possess poison darts within each tentacle to slow his regeneration. After fighting an onslaught of enemies with his last remain...


by icm

Hellblazer | Final

by Ilya Suhoi

John Constantine final.

Chaos Wyrm Joker

by sandara

Joker in a fantasy setting.

Mikasa Ackerman

by kenkennang

Hello guys! my here's my entry (WIP) Mikasa Ackerman -Attack on titan (shingeki no kyojin) I think i might choose.. Stand.. base on her story, she is once a fallen girl (lost her family) but then she realize how to fight...

Terrax The Tamer

by TriHarder

Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan