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Undead Tank Girl

by PurpleSnakes

Daken Akihiro Undead

by Key

Long Jumping Zombie

by alkalis

My starter idea is to animate a zombie with super strength and super resistant. He uses his powers to jump over obstacles (sometimes through walls/building). Landings are not his stong point but his resistance makes him ...


by MitchellKemp

Undead Magneto

by 05dastarli

Blaze undead inferno

by Eder

Undead Bane

by saumeel12

"I am back, to break the bat, and break him for good" -Undead Bane


by Brushead


by Yashesh

In order to save the world from zombies, unfortunately Flash became the victim. GOD save the world!

Zombie Nightcrawler

by KonginChains

Nightcrawler has been resurrected by a Necromancer and his powers has been unstable ever since, including developing a real major jaw problem

Zombie Hulk

by jpmanlangit

Hiya Guys I'll be basing my Zombie Hulk on his look in Old Man Logan

Jocker the Vampire

by Alesaf

Undead Poison Ivy

by tudvaseva

The worst nightmare

by J.S.

It's impossible to kill this zombie:)

The Flash

by Constantine

Squirrel Girl

by Alexjh

Squirrel-Girl the Dullahan


by KamuiHAX


by patifon


Zombie Batman

by JieYuan

Undead Angel

by derricksongart

The night that the undead angel resurrected from hell, it was powered with a dark phoenix power to destroy everything. Who was he? What was he? He had lost everything, including his memory, he remembered no ones, includi...

Ghost in the shell

by Slava Gedich

Ghost in the shell (Vampire)

Allan Quatermain LXG

by Adad

Allan Quatermain has no limits when using a gun. He revived in Africa thanks to his curse, but now he revived as a zombie with shaman powers. He can shoot any target with one hand and create sandstorms and a scary army o...

Zombie Green Goblin

by RedHots


by JspidermanP

Storm caught off guard by a hoard of zombies. Although she managed to dispatch the group of ghouls, tragically she was not able to do so unscathed.

Undead Aquaman

by Kalkri

Undead Power Girl

by Oxiten

Undead Orm

by s_bruce

Undead Cyclops

by nizmo

Undead Aquaman

by Asteltainn

Shredder Lich

by NikitaNV

Dedicated to the inhabitants of Manhattan sewers.

Hellboy the Lich

by vlak


by zvepywka

This pickpocket guy will not escape justice anyway!

Comicon'16 |2D| NSP

by Mr Brush

Not So Deadpool Don't want to hurt your feelings... Comicon'16 |2D| Not So Deadpool

Harley Quinn - IT

by Woodoopups

This is Stiven King novell "IT" fan art in the shape of Harley Qveen character.

He-Man The Undead

by Argha Dutta

He-Man Undead By the horrible & mystic spell by Skeletor, The true Master of Universe, Has Changed into a horrifying Undead creature,

Lich Constantine

by ShadeOfSunshine

Undead Dr.Octopus


Dead Nature

by daniellima769

Hi everyone, This will be my first participation in the Comicon , so I hope to do everything right .This my entry is going to be Poison Ivy. I wish everyone good luck on this Challenge. In my character his powers have b...

Vampire Catwoman

by noura


by Natalia

Blade The Human Hunt

by guru

Scarlet Witch

by vAp

Pied Piper ghoul

by KatRinch

Death Bringer

by Alireza-Sedghi

"Death Bringer" An Animation by Alireza Sedghi. Death Bringer, Once a Hero is now turned into a Global Warning for the entire Human Race as he took the Ball of Eternity, and now Death Shall take over... Entry for Comic...

Hulk Destroyer

by Bart

Final image

Undead Daredevil

by nightleaf

enjoy this challenge

Undead Kingpin

by Elena

Blood Lust Wolverine

by solarreturn

Undead Deku

by weilun95

This is a redesign of Deku from Hero Academia by Kouhei Horikoshi. The concept was Deku lost his life and arm in one battle, he has been revived afterward but now he is soulless and with a demon arm.

Captain Nemo - LXG

by Jess Elias

After years of navigating the mysterious seas,Captain Nemo´s submarine, "The Nautilus", crashed and sank. Since he was a prince (Prince Dakkar) and in his childhood he received a spell that made him immortal, he lived u...

Ororo Undead

by khairinka

Undead KIller Croc

by Keya

Captain Zombie

by pranoto

comicon challange 2016 captain zombie final submission

Undead Blacksad

by CryOfOwl


by leandro benigno

Abomination Undead

by Uday Banerjee

Undead Aquaman

by joeshua13

Undead Black Cat

by Jusd

Black Cat , Undead version :)

Mr. Fantastic Ghoul

by Clayvan

Voodoo Constantine

by Verdfel

Undead joker

by Rishabh Sharma

Undead Harley Quinn

by atanugh87


by Andy GE

Undead Ivy

by Ave

Hi hi) This is my first challenge. And i will try to finish this)

Undead spiderman

by GreenBreen

TMNT - Rocksteady

by SergeyKosolapov

Dedly Poison Ivy

by ujinshamoney

Hi there. this is my comiccon 2016 entry

Dorian Grey LXG

by AxelEzequiel

In the not so far future, a pest of pollution has turn must humans into zombies, Dorian Grey has retain powers from ageing or to have a beating heart from his deal with an evil force, having all his mortality inside a...

Captain Marvel

by livio3d

Captain Marvel was possessed by a Kandarian Evil Spirit

The Spectre

by Stefanuto

Hi guys! Here is my final work! Good luck to everyone!

The Undead Blob

by kennethchanny

An attempt at creating an Undead version of The Blob Intended Artistic Direction: Realistic Textures Exaggerated Proportions Gritty Feel Updates coming soon!

Undead Spider man

by sleepingbird

Do you think if you are bitten by a radioactive spider you stay cutie ... haha ... no

Undead Batman

by Ali_Jalali

Rogue Banshee

by Anarlie

Un-Dead Wolverine

by Sergiopatin99

Possessed WarMachine

by Yggdrassal

The concept is that a dark spirit has possessed a rusted out War Machine armor. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who provided feedback in my WIP thread. This illustration probably would not have reached thi...

1st step

by MaryDS


Levi Ackerman

by violic

The Thing

by iwontdeny


by Dante_Cyber

monster flash

TMNT Bebop Undead

by Heat3D


by maxim_art_32


Undead Spidey

by AleksandrHade

Undead Usagi

by Silverwind

Once an honorable protector of the weak and oppressed, a wondering ronin Miyamoto Usagi has been transformed by the evil forces of the Night of Super Undead into a dessicated skeletal abomination. He now roams the land h...

Undead Nightcrowler

by Krida

Beyond the Grave

by Atena

Batman swallows kryptonite and dies, but after a year he becomes walking dead… He kills and eats Superman…You are next on his list. So run little one run.

Zombie Spiderman

by Mariko-chan

Undead Black Adam

by Wood

Wondead Woman

by Ironina

D-D-Dr. Strage

by WiiBird

Good luck and Have fun !

undead | Punisher

by Roman_Porozov

Punisher Undead!

by FelipeSoto

Flash Ghoul

by SamLeheny


by ShamilGaniev

Winter is coming


by believehammer

For now I upload my final work with Mysterio. I hope you like it. Needless to say it has been a great experience to participate in the Comicon Challenge 2016 with so many talents. Thank you very much to all and best of ...


by Designerenato

The Scarlet Lich

by walrus

Wanda Maximoff: Alive she was known as the Scarlet Witch. Undead, she serves evil as the Scarlet Lich, using her unfathomable arcane powers to subjugate the wills of all other heroes to take over New York City, and from...


by bestlame

Demon's power borrow down into ground and then grab him!

Wolverine vampire 3d

by Kurasaki

Rusted Steel

by Arokai

X Professor

by Mr Brush

Lich Zatanna

by dajkiry


by he77ga

My version Catwoman

Arrow Vampire

by rhinh

arrow vampire

Undead Bane

by Solonin

Dead Loki

by timurkreativ

Loki undead rock star !

Groot Undeat

by ed^^ART

Thanks to all of you !

Entry Title

by Artisan


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