به تیم خوش آمدید! از اینکه با تیم هنرمندان با استعداد و باحال ایرانی در این رویداد شرکت می کنید خوشحالیم! تمام هدف این رویداد ها ایجاد انگیزه برای پیشرفت و ایجاد محیطی دوستانه و خلاق برای یادگیری و تبادل ایده ها و تکنیک هاست. به حضور در چنین رویدادهایی با حضور هنرمندانی مثل شما افتخار می کنیم. با آرزوی موفقیت!

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anthony hopkins

by morteza


by ariavaeje

This is orginal character and I changed it to fantasy character.I hope you like it. TNX

Tyler Mane ( troy )

by shahin

Ryan Gosling

by Aref

Jonny Dillinger

by shadrokh

Because I personally liked the noir period and the gangsters who lived then and also because I really like Johnny Depp and his role in public enemy chose him for my submission my game is an action adventure set in the ye...

Eric Bana (Troy)

by ariazi

The character of "Hector" in the "Troy" movie is very interesting for me, then I decided to work on this character for attending to the Moviefest 2013. In this game, Hector after being killed by Achille, returns from th...

Slaughterer Avenger

by RasoulAhmadi

Apocalypto Movie

by ehsantaebloo

Vladimir Kulich

by bin32

Wendol war leader(the 13th warrior)


by AminJlp

The Final version . Mu poster for the Game. I Uploaded my Wip s and the base sketch.

benjamin walker

by ali samadi1362

i have chosen benjamin walker in abraham lincoln :vampire hunter

Entry Title

by Artisan