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by Dou

I've always been fancy Selene in the movie Underworld, hope one day I can cosplay her. So I'll take this chance of competition to draw my dream dress.


by xym456789

SOLOMON KANE: You will never take my soul.

Memoirs of a Geisha

by HaiQing

Memoirs of a Geisha's Synopsis

According to the American writer Arthur - Gordon's novel of the same name. Expand the story in the first person, the background from 1929 extended to the end of WWII, recal...

Saving General Yang

by xingcheng0507

Painted Skin 2

by LJ.jean

Painted Skin 2
Fei Xiang As The Tian Lang Wizard


by Shawn-ZM

Calypso - The sea is my soul, like endless abyss that no one can neglect, and no one can understand my soul... At the edge of the sea, there is perfect storm and huge monster The gigantic wizard used her magic pl...

Edward scissorhands

by leon1980

Edward scissorhands is my favorite film. As you see I put a lot of my own ideas in this work. I am sure you have not never seen Edward like this before. this guy is a most lovely character for me so I choose a kind of s...

I, Robot

by kimtao

Detective Spooner

The Captain

by mr_lutong


by ligang

The hero in my heart

Long to See Again

by elvafirste

I am honored to participate in this challenge. The movie I chose is Edward Scissorhands. It's a movie that told us about poignant love, which for me, was very touching. Edward was very unique and because of this, I decid...

The Lord of the Ring

by zhangyang


by Fisher

The topic of my project is a heroine in ancient China. According to the Chinese history, in Song dynasty, a lady named Guiying Mu overcame a series of trouble and finally become an ever-victorious general. Since i...

Will Turner


The story happened in Vail, Turner (Will Turner) as the captain of the flying dutchman. When Captain Will Turner began his long adrift in the ocean, as the sea god Du undead and only every ten years on a shore. Although ...


by icm

Black Swan

by Liang Jing

Nina, a insecure girl, cowardly the White Swan, in order to play the black swan, eventually splitting herself. I wanted to show the black swan a strong, confident, sexy, eventually kill the weak white swan own.

Flying Sword

by wswsn

Yu Huatian was the biggest villain in "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" with well-versed kungfu to make the heroes scared. As he was a powerful and influential eunuch, he always comported a little effeminately and obsessive...

Journey to the West

by cyp

Seediq Bale

by sunpf


by PJM

The future of the world, the name has long been familiar robot, the robot becomes very powerful, basic grasp of the overall situation of the world in the robot hand. Human resources of the earth in order to compete with ...


by Stupid.dream

The Green Snake”is a movie released on 1993,the leading actress was Maggie Cheung. In the movie her character was Xiao Qing(The green snake), so I created the main character for the game based on Xiao Qing,at first...


by dlkdhy

Actually I want to choose a more realistic movie to select roles and creation, and by adding some fantasies elements may deduce the concept of stories and games are very interesting and special.This is I have been think...


by lintiantt

World view:
In some future time period, Lola returns to a New York bank. With no cash in her pockets, and no boyfriend, she is faced with a group of extraterrestrial monsters. Fitted with a satellite positioni...

Vampire Lestat

by liziming

Vampire Lestat

The Hobbit

by speedfox

Sweeney Todd

by likitten

This is a sad story that the barber becomes a serial killer in order to revenge.The movie not only reflects the darkness of the society, but also reflects the ugly heart of human. The barber is a good man or bad man? He ...

Witch Hunters

by hui tian

Main role of the game have two options, players can choose one between them.

Brother is Hansel, sister is Gretel.

King of Western Chu

by HeYiFei

"Farewell My Concubine" is a blessed love story and a lamentable history. Because the king of the Western Chu, xiang yu, hasn't realized his dream, his soul got a rebirth. The design of the character retained the typical...


by shiyao4414

Everybody has watched a lot of movie in his life; however, if you watched "Edward Scissorhands", you wouldn't forget it.


by aolifour

Sexy little Lolita Hit gitl block City subversive destroy action, a leather clad, holding the rocket was on the bridge and gunmen launched a positive confrontation!


by Snowin Sweet

Since the Russell Ira Crowe’s successful interpretation of the heroic role of Maximus, who refused to be granted throne and insisted on living an easy life, in the movie “Gladiator”, my heart has been touched deepl...

Red riding hood

by ssllxx77


by ZhiBei


by runways

Sweeney Todd

by clovereve

I will choose Sweeney Todd,who sought renvenge and finally killed by a little boy in the orginal movie,to be my redisigned character.I want to extend the following story of the movie'end:a crazy scientist passed the plac...

Shu Shan

by wangbin2013

I will draw Dan Chen ZI

the last samurai

by dastino

At the end of the movie, Algren lived in seclusion with the survivor of the final battle, and the samurai period came to an end. However, Algren awared that there had be a sinister force which would threaten the whole co...

Legolas Greenleaf



by hunter555

sorry for the mistake i made,i opened up a wrong thead and this is the right one.

I Am Legen

by Gaomin

I am Legend. The initial inspiration comes from a scene in the movie "I Am Legend" when Robert hug his dog Samantha in the laboratory after she was bitten by zombie dogs, feeling her body slowly mutating, hair falling...


by zeroyuen

Conan the Barbarian

by Dark ONE


by zmmzmmz

Clash of the Titans

by torres9

I select Perseus for my character. Perseus in the [Clash of the Titans 2] is very cool, so I try to show it in my paint . The segment I choose is Perseus fight vs Kronos, because the segment has branded a deep impression...

Sucker Punch

by firelu1982

Aircraft Engineer

by yunxuan.D

Small film roles "tai ji 2" of Chen Zaiyang, have made the ultimate mechanical dream, always try. Finally he and his aircraft have been approved. Have a dream he is not an idiot but an aircraft engineer, please call.

Life of PI

by stbb

PI and the tiger Richard Parker faced a storm, at the same time they witness the miracle, and then they drifted to an island.There are a lot of mongoose and fresh water during the day on the island, but everything can ch...


by cyusyn


by close

The idea is originally from the ancient demon in the movie called The Cabin in the Woods. The demon is used to express the desperation of world end. The movie is basically about a group of college students travel to a re...

[ Medusa ] [ hyz ]

by masterhyz


by trde

Perseus in "Clash of the Titans"

[Namo] [Gemma Ward]

by namo