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Vile Temptress

by Liu_K

Goblin Thinker

by molossus

Sen'jin Shieldmasta

by PillBox


Decent of Thrall

by Danharitos

Inspired by the many years of game play in World of Warcraft I have created this Orc Warrior - Rivex, decent of Thrall


by fantasymaster

Marine Unit

by MDRocha

Sven Blacktide

by Cordero

Here is my hero version of the rifleman unit from warcraft 3! He is called Sven Blacktide, and he likes to blow stuff up, and shoot things down... :D I had tons of fun during the contest, and I have seen many great arti...

Infested Siege Tank

by AlphaMix

An unmanned siege tank chosen by the zerg, not a simple infestation, but a form of assimilation that is slowly converting the inanimate vehicle into a living machine. What do the cannons fire now?


by BiG ToE

The Terran Sentinel

by Robuscus

A new development in marine preservation, The Sentinel is a soldier completely dedicated to survival. Their reinforced armor allows them to carry their massive collapsible shields into battle with relative dexterity. T...


by phungdinhdung

Blizzard Fest 2014 Reaperia - Starcraft 2 Terran Reaper by Phung Dinh Dzung At ThunderCloud Studio

Troll Headhunter

by ACeye

Aged troll headhunter veteran.


by changiz

I'm big fan of hard surface modeling stuff so I pickup the marine.


by Korax

Kumon'Tah, The Ancient Exiled: Kumon'Tah hates Azshara for what she has done to the Highborne people, he would have preferred death to the transformation in these snake-looking monsters, also the mocking fate gave him t...

WarCraft Peasant

by Yggdrassal

I'll be creating a hero peasant for this challenge. Why? because I feel like a peasant at my other job (the non-game design one), and I changed most of my computer sounds to peasant quotes from WC3. A brief back story f...

Entry Title

by Artisan