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Bienvenue à l’équipe 3DVF - Frog forever ! Après plusieurs éditions de Dominance War, voilà une nouvelle occasion de promouvoir votre talent en vous mesurant aux plus grands talents de la planète CG. Amateurs et professionnels, voilà une nouvelle occasion d’apprendre, de partager et de montrer à tous, tout le talent et la créativité dont vous êtes capable. Venez dès à présent rejoindre les rangs de l’équipe francophone et nous souhaitons bonne chance à toutes et à tous pour cette compétition. Engagez-vous !
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Holy Land King

by RE2D

Hunter orc

by Cookiecutter

The Butcher

by Nomad33


by ishoop


by Faust-Kelevra

Hi There this is my project, i would try to feminise a Fallen Overseer and change him as a Fallen Overser Queen! Hope you like it!


by JCP54

3ds max... etc


by noufelb


by Rakham

This contest has been a really good experience for me. Good opportunity to learn new hard surface tips and work on an inspiring theme. Some crazy stuff have been made by all of you guys. Good luck every one !

Dark Templar

by spasm01

100% Savior

by Thamas

W.I.P. Thread



Siguror, the dragon slayer.

Squirt the peddler

by Kadaric

Hi, this is my final version for the blizzfest challenge. I have chosed "squirt the peddler" to enhanced to a heroic character because she have many possibilities of evolution as a child. So here is the story i have imag...

The ambush

by zigziglagirafe

Demon hero ambushed by night elves

FallenKing Hydralisk

by Operion

"Fallen King Hydralisk" One of primal first Hydralisk. Photoshop.

Warrior tauren

by grosnez

Blizzfest 2014 - Grosnez - 2d - Warrior Tauren

Entry Title

by Artisan