Banner Art by Oleg Shekhovtsov - лидирующий в мире CG-искусства ресурс для русскоязычных художников. Мы очень рады и гордимся участием в этом замечательном конкурсе Blizzardfest 2014. Наша команда представляет как профессионалов, так и молодых талантливых художников, готовых к старту нового масштабного проекта, где каждый может поднять планку своего мастерства, в чем искренне желаем вам успеха!
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by Stygian100

Молодому аскету Акарату во сне явился ангел Яэриус (не исключается и демоническое вмешательство в это событие) и открыл ...

Crypt Fiend WC3

by Mikhail Naum

Harp Warrior

by alyo


by guro

I'm still working on it.. :) Work in progress videos here:

Giant Fungal

by Irvast

Night Elf Huntress

by Ixtian

Priest K'hillack

by Kueshka


by Bunifazzuy

Wyverns of Kalimdor

by Palubasu


by Oxiten

Khazra Chief

by Bowman

Ogre Cannoneer

by Algido


by laripopkins


by Mega26

This Vrykul, one of my favorite characters in "Wrath of the Lich King". I wanted to draw one of them, who lives in Northrend. I had to redo a lot of times, but eventually got about what I wanted.

Skeletal Orc

by Rokuz

Reaper CG art

by ReLis

Reaper concept

Spectral knight

by CG-Zander

Main Illustration (2d)

Ghastly Seraph

by vadersam

Treasure Goblin

by encountermy18

The best of treasure goblins always collect round themselves couple of envious and not most successful goblins. Such gang can even attack a vehicle of the merchant! If goblins think that you have money, take care!


by WalenT


by haryarti


by Black_Bird

Dark Iron berserk

by blazen

Dark Iron Dwarf berserk

scv civilian rescuer

by KypcaHT

Mummy from diablo 2

by Gore Shiring

Hi there! Let's draw!

Warlord ogre

by timens

blizzardfest by timens

queen of the harpies

by anjuna

Nydus Worm

by Dante_Cyber

Nydus Worm

Quilboar warchief

by skafandr

Vrykul Shaman

by Sycamore-Eve

Bloated Malachor

by ShadowsofaSoul

Ghost Scout

by artiztz

Council member

by Carnage

Corrupted council member from Travincal.


by Valeria_St

Harpies queen


by Maximyz

Boss of the Harpies

by germesia

Boss of the Harpies


by Child of Winter

Sister of Grief

by Corwin-Cross


by DeathBlacker

Tuskarr the Chaser

by v_kafanov

Damned Dryad

by Cyan

Grand Suicide Minion

by Shentei

Grand Suicide Minion from Diablo II

Zombi champ

by elxaoc

Diablo 2 LOD, act 5. Frozen river.

The Shadow Naga

by Kasimova

In better quality (.png):

Zombie leader

by Denchik111

Infected marine

by CGJack


by Vilenchik

Character is attacking, it's time of the throw

Queen of the Damned

by mirta0_0



by Cynic


by teksture

Sukkub queen

by SashaChelysheva


by chosac

huntress by wakawaka

by wakawaka

Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan