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به تیم خوش آمدید! از اینکه با تیم هنرمندان با استعداد و باحال ایرانی در این رویداد شرکت می کنید خوشحالیم! تمام هدف این رویداد ها ایجاد انگیزه برای پیشرفت و ایجاد محیطی دوستانه و خلاق برای یادگیری و تبادل ایده ها و تکنیک هاست. به حضور در چنین رویدادهایی با حضور هنرمندانی مثل شما افتخار می کنیم. با آرزوی موفقیت!

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by morteza

Elven Warrior

by Hamid Jalili

Kheshtak Goblin

by kian

I wanted to paint only one character for this challenge, but then I changed my mind as I was working on it.


by crazymax

frost queen nymph

by nastaran_mo

I'm trying to turn frost nymph to the evil ice queen


by aliinoori

this character is part of marins forces that infested and after that upgraded to next level.

loard of yeti

by ebrahimdiba

The Turning Point

by Alireza-Sedghi

Blizzard Fest Challenge Entry by me! :D it Mostly Focus on a Battle between a Somehow Rogue Woman & a Berserker Demon! Hope u like it!


by Aref


by Animoo

Today is a judgment day of the Fire 24 years old This Fire burned after his parent murder Today this Fire will wake up and the power in his body , and he will take revenge of what happened in the past YES ! TODAY IS T...

Elder Ogron

by bin32

The last of their kind..Elder ogron fight for his freedom from ogre slavery..cost of freedom was high..the blind elder ogron!

Pirate King

by Ali_Sarkheil

The Pirate King of undead World


by Mehrdad_Malek.A

Half Blood Satyr

by Synasyna

The character comes with a concept of Satyr and Ogres half-blood creature, which also is known as Satyr King, a leader of Satyrs where lies deep in Ashenvale forests. Despite of the similarities he's got with Satyrs ...

big bull

by ehsanpelang

undead female

by khan


by davood

Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan