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Worgen Rage

by Coffeeater

Hi everyone ! I choose the Worgen from Wow for this challenge ! Hope you will like it


by Delira

Liquis Whiteshadow Video Progress:

Nightlash Queen

by capricorn

hi there .. finally i decided to participate on this challenge ...good luck to everyone

The Lost One

by Aegolist

Hero of the third devolution of the draenei. Draenei->broken draenei->lost one

New Generation Ghost

by Icedestroyer

A new generation ghost for Star Craft

UED Medical Officer

by 8jok

There had been many excitements among the UED scientists onboard the UED expeditionary fleet operating in Koprulu Sector when they encountered both unique and sentient extraterrestrial races, Zerg and Protoss, as they sa...

Fallen Overseer

by ia-design

I tried to imagine what it might look like a Fallen dominating all other Fallens, and that was the beginning of my roughs

Dark Berserker

by worldmaker

Blood Elf Princess

by Bikash

Female Reaper

by chanf

Female reaper

Alyessa Ravensong

by walrus


by winx

In the key moment of the scourge invasion of azeroth, Obsidian Statue was awakened and became a powerful destroyer, the destroyer has the ability that to engulf the enemy's magic and made the his enemy dead. ...

Infected ghost

by Zealnod

He was once a hero of Terrance,He lost all his ghost team and got infected by ZERG virus in an ill-fated battle.Such as the body fragmented,he still keeps human consciousness.The faith of revenge makes him more stronger.

Troll Headhunter

by mikrob

My entry. I decided to paint Troll Headhunter hero with some sort of redesign.

Fallen Demon Hero

by StandingMonkey

Some demonic Shaman once thought the fallen needed bigger warriors to protect them, and act as enforcers. He did some experimentations to obtain the perfect warrior, the perfect hero to. Playing with magic and genetic st...

High Dryad

by Steve

"High Dryad" The concept is to make it more powerful version from dryad unit that exist now. "The Queen who lead all the dryad clans, exceed in intelligence (nature Magic) and agility in combat (evading attack)". :D

Catch me if you can

by Cataya

My WoW Gnome priest Nimm. The fastest healer in the battleground (in running away) ^^

The tuskarr king

by wands96

He favored the efforts to improve relations with all peace-loving countries.

Ethereal SpellBinder

by cheo36

As the battle between the dark void forces and the ethereals continue, heroes such as Khalid rise and battle to protect what they have left of their legacy and race.

Master Orc Shaman

by C780162

"Midnight. The moon shone bright above them. At a distance their warm fiery glow would have appeared welcoming but peace was not on tonight's agenda. Thrall was not here. As the elder shaman, it was down to him to lead ...

Fallen BloodWitcher

by SZR

Hi there. I have chosen the "Fallen" unit from Diablo III and will now draw for Schmans a hero, the blood Witcher "Dohl'Kazaar".

Naga Guard

by artistmax

Hello, friends! :) I've always been a fan of the universe WarCraft 3, in particular I love the orc race and nagas. Orcs have all types, sizes and religious views in concept-art. Nagi is not so popular, and... I will t...

Wretched Queen

by Jiina

I have created my hero character based on the 'Wretched Mothers' in Diablo. "Slaughtered and twisted in their afterlife, they now feast upon cadavers and regurgitate them as newly formed Risen Dead."

skeleton warrior

by jun zheng

Skeleton Warriors can be summoned forth by Necromancers to fight for the Scourge. While not the sturdiest of fighters, they are tenacious melee attackers.

Dark Berserker

by Yarkspiri

The following are links to the live streams in which I created this image you can view the playlist @

Spirit Walker

by MaxLarin

Spirit Walker wander the land in search of kindred spirits. And sometimes he find them.

Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan