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Ahrkmor Soulshield

by Peschiera

Ahrkmor Soulshield, the legendary paladin, is the only hope of Ironforge. Advisor Belgrum needs his help now to release king Magni Bronzebeard from his torment.

Dark Templar Origin

by Yoyo!

I'll create an Ancient Dark Templar Origin discovered from a distant planet where once the race of Protoss originated.


by ACap

Arina, Former Dominion Ghost. Now - work with protoss.

Elite Huntress

by Vertizen

A veteran Huntress unit, chosen to lead a small group into battle.

Fallen Hero

by Xeroll

Fallen One Hero, Diablo 3 style

Keeper of the Grove

by JoanSantus

A keeper of the grove that decides to go on the offensive after being attacked by orcs.

Widow General

by jonas ronnegard

Prisioner 11

by devoid

Taunka Shaman

Surtr (Thor Mark IV)

by joymepls

Quilboar Shaman

by KlayFace

I'm very happy I took part in this challenge, though, I did not finish. I learned a lot about ZBrush in the last few weeks, as this is my first time using the program. And I'm self taught so there's that :) Going to stil...

Queen of Succubus

by frkviloria

Sleipnir Dryad

by mrbobo

Ice Giant Garrot

by dmaxart

Garrot the Dragonslayer from the sons of Hodir. His name is known and feared by many beyond the deserted lands. Countless narrated legends recount their fierce battles in the field with an incredible skill, despite its i...

Rok'Soli _Beserker

by JohnnyRampant

The Troll Beserker "Rok'soli", of the Zandalari, devoted follower of Bwonsamdi, guardian of the dead.


by vanguish

"Of all the riflemen in his squadron, he alone survived. Through waves of Orcs, bloody battles, and lingering doubts from fellow soldiers, his courage never wavered, and his rifle always shot straight. The Hero, the sol...


by flamm3d

Grunt TavernHero

by jaykill

The Druid

by SergeyRomanenko

Saivana the Warden

by goraaz

Saivana was sent out to Netherstorm for her next assignment. Arcatraz sounded like a place she would be a good fit to work at.

engineer niff

by Berry


by IsadistI

KFC Archmage Slayer

by Thibaut Granet

Kol Fahr Cal is an archmage slayer who had been wounded by fire during his last battle by Achmage Sandars.

Khalai Protoss Probe

by Positivity

Probes are robotic drones that service the Nexus and gather the numerous resources needed to power Protoss technologies.


by SeN_GoD


by vAp

Pandaren Warlord

by Pilumijus

Hi everyone ! I'm currently a Junior 3D Artist in Paris-France, and completely psyched to take part in this challenge. I'll try to make a Pandaren warrior, with a kind of Samurai armor (always wanted to make one of these...


by Brushead


by neobear

Death knight Centaur:
Khul'Garr : General of the Lich King's Cavalry.


by chemotoledo

Awesome experience on the Blizzardfest Challenge 2014! Definitely a great experience on the GA's users! So, good luck to avery one with his enrty's and see you on the next one!!! ;)

Lady witch doctor

by payeah

Elune:shadows master

by Darkbox

"Elune named as the the major deity worshipped by the night elves, is the hero that will stop years and years of isolation by returning elves what belongs to them, using magic if necessary"

Heroic Centaur

by Noke

Turntable: Close ups:

Illidari Warrior

by rice

Female Reaper

by Boganimator


by Simon

The fallen archangel and the dark mistress of Disgusting Seraphs

Rebel dryad

by Neil

Lotet - Orc Grunt

by Lotet

Zug Zug!

Barbarian 3D

by ajkjk

Diablo Barbarian

Tuskarr Champion

by Harlequin

View Turnaround video:

Enhanced Ghost

by neimad78

The Peasant King

by ray40

Yes, another Peasant. I couldnĀ“t think of a unit that is so lame yet so charming and carismatic, so I loved the idea of turning this guy into a mighty armoured hero.

Skeletal Mage

by DVL

I'll be working on a new version of the Diablo Skeletal Mage (Wish it had been in Diablo 3, I miss having armies of those). Obviously it's one of the most generic units in the game, so this is going to give me a lot of ...

new nave

by mark_3d

this is my new project the Blizzardfest. because the before is outside the rules. the new project is flying machine the wow and i will make reformed like engine , wheel, put missile, et thank


by doses

Primal Zealot

by Cybuster89

This Zealot was captured by the zerg to be experimented on. In order to escape, the zealot was somehow able to channel a psionic ability that no other protoss has. He was somehow able to rebuild his armor and weapons wit...


by aidin salsabili

I've chosen StarCraft which I'm so impressed by the creativity of the story and elaborated character. I would like to add another character to amazing collection of Zerg unit VIPER, named ZERGVAAN / Lord of the Dim earth.

Goblin Zeppelin

by Grumz

Grumz' Attack Zeppelin! Custom built by the Bilgewater Cartel for Lord Grumz of the Horde. It features: -The KRZY-1000 cannon mounted at the bow, able to deliver 75lb explosive shells of pure destruction! -The PINT-5...


by ravenslayer

My entry is based on the Ogre`s from the World of Warcraft universe

StarCraft II Banshee

by rushminute

A banshee that should have been retired long ago, but is still up and kicking.

Female Reaper

by Farlo

Based on the Terran Reaper unit from Starcraft. 15k polys with Diffuse, Normal, Ambient Occlusion and Specular maps.

Entry Title

by Artisan


Entry Title

by Artisan