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Fight Scene

by Klimenzo

Stunned Overflow

by ExanJU

A smash-stun/kick power attack to finish up your most hated enemies

Time Freeze

by Evanescfan

Rigged and animated in 3Ds Max. Below are the early ideas and storyboard.

Combat style

by Kotu

hand to hand combat style with a bit of magic

Rogue Sneak Attack

by fanlousie

Elite rogue is a fighter of close range combat... capable of hiding in shadow, killing without a sound... don't ever underestimate his dexterity and cunning... or you die with your own sword...

Demon Smash

by Kanvus

The Demon's Revenge. Using his shamanic powers to raise the earth from the ground. He uses the pillars as weapons to crush his enemy!

Melee Fight Scene

by Snochy

In this sequence I choose the Demonic Woman and Demon Solider for my fight scene. I wanted to have it be a melee fight scene because of the size of the woman's hands just seemed fitting. I took inspiration from Riot 's ...

fight to live

by kostet1977