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这一次,我们我不只是看客,而是暴雪世界中英雄的缔造者;  这一次,我们将与各国艺术家们同场竞技,看看谁是最后的英雄;  leewiART的同仁们, 让我们拿起画笔,挥洒属于自己的不朽传奇!
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by xueren

Team leewiART: [URL=""][img][/img][/url]

Mr Wood

by danielxhj

The Undead Killer

by zhaodezhu

A female Vrykul hero

The Defected hydrali

by huzhixing

the Defected hydralisks

灰烬骷髅 huijink

by gengpeitao


Priestess of the Voi


暮光教派的女祭司 崇拜虚空中的上古之神 得到了上古之神的部分力量

Samurai ghost

by fanjie7322

The film I like best is Tom Curise's "the last samurai". So I would like to take this opportunity to make a "ghost" StarCraft inside, but the spirit I will make with the warriors of the elements. But his weapon is no lon...

Dark Shadow Zealot

by arb010218

For the pursue of ultimate Wushu all their life time, in order to protect Protoss siblings, Zealot sacrificed themselves in a battle while fighting with Zerg. However, Zerg parasite on the dead bodies of Zealot and acc...

Rifleman Attack

by Kaku

The brave Rifleman lost his ability to fight in a battle, but he accidentally found the ancient goblin civilization,when stubborn dwarf met steam goblin civilization ,something amazing happend ! In the face the enem...

Bloody Shaman

by Mi_Yang

the Vengeful Ghost

by zym1983811

I'm going to make StarCraft "ghost" , after a Terran civil war, was imprisoned people freeze, in exile in the dark void, now that he is back, ready to revenge his enemy.

light of high elves

by Azure

high elves

Spell Breaker

by lucky_zwl

Spell Breaker

Claw druid

by HUO

Old Monk

by wandongxu

Entry Title

by Artisan