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这一次,我们我不只是看客,而是暴雪世界中英雄的缔造者;  这一次,我们将与各国艺术家们同场竞技,看看谁是最后的英雄;  leewiART的同仁们, 让我们拿起画笔,挥洒属于自己的不朽传奇!
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The Dryad grandma

by shajiachen

And I'd appreciate your votes


by xueren

Team leewiART: [URL=""][img][/img][/url]


by xueren

Team leewiART: [URL=""][img][/img][/url]

Mr Wood

by danielxhj


by huangli


The Undead Killer

by zhaodezhu

A female Vrykul hero

The Reaper Captain

by Maoda

She forgot her own name, served in the reapers in time is a mystery. She was known as the shadow of the cat.

The white shadow

by zhengyangliu


The Defected hydrali

by huzhixing

the Defected hydralisks

Dark templar

by zhaohuanhua

Xel'Naga (Xel'Naga) is a real-time strategy game appeared in "StarCraft" in the mysterious race. This puzzle-like race, often referred to as "Xel'Naga" or "wandering from afar off."This is a woman of God role, their retu...

depraved Delaney

by lzopop

depraved Delaney

Hydralisk King

by Wch

Zerg is able to survive in any environment races, including distant in space and in radiology and heavily polluted areas also survive. Zerg Hydralisk is the one, they breed quickly, more efficient killer said. ...

灰烬骷髅 huijink

by gengpeitao



by chickencsz

He is the extraordinary existence in the tribe of the ghouls.Unlike the other members of the race, desperating for power and battles is all his desire. Unlike the executioner on the battlefield, he is the monster that...

Marauder_Flame soul

by caojunnew


by zeroyuen

Murloc, is something still in slumber or vassal waiting powerful creatures of the deep or creation. Another part of historians believe that murlocs perhaps is the sin of the amphibian slave. Historians are various conje...

My Turn To Hunt

by ker93

Hero Slayer is a goblin hero who wanders all over the world in Diablo III. He learned many skills from fighting with Nephalem. Meanwhile,he got their legendary equiments to arm himself. Hero Slayer uses axe to slash,bow ...

Demon Hunter

by goodhopeart

Demon Hunter


by 折戟君_ZJ


Defend The Radish

by LiuSu

Psionic SCV

by palmarius

This is the idea of a pisonic SCV from the StarCraft.It can enhance the pisonic pilot's power over 100% ,in other to heal and repair the units on a large scale.It is really useful to build and protect the Terran.

The Single Finger

by YandG

The Single Finger

Priestess of the Voi


暮光教派的女祭司 崇拜虚空中的上古之神 得到了上古之神的部分力量

The Dawn Of The Dark

by lintiantt

Before the Zerg invasion, Eyre star is a pure sea, dense jungles and prosperous city green planet.Greenhouse gas containing the medium level in the atmosphere, planet centrifugal rate is low, so produced the damp and ho...

The Blood Minotaur

by Chang Yuan


[The orcs back]

by b.q

Orc flicker the lich king's thought, through the dark portal to the eastern continent, with a mysterious and undead murders of many dissenting Confucian combined with resentment, awakens the terracotta soldiers through ...

Sea giant

by aolifour

A wise than the general sea giants some higher leaders are cast by the mysterious magic gem powers against the enemy..


by R_Eagle

I choose the Acolyte

Warcraft Hunterss

by NCB

Warcraft night elf Huntress ...

Mail Hydralisk

by FEL0000

wind squad

by 校郡717

"Five Sacred Mountains of Tarzan, live in isolated wind tribe, the young men of the tribe engaged in THE Wind Squad. , the purpose of this institution is natural , refining the natural forces into the body. all ohers o...

Weapon Lord


[The Last Queen]

by nemo_0000

The last Queen

Samurai ghost

by fanjie7322

The film I like best is Tom Curise's "the last samurai". So I would like to take this opportunity to make a "ghost" StarCraft inside, but the spirit I will make with the warriors of the elements. But his weapon is no lon...

the pink Reaper

by SDC

Arnold Amir

by MAX2014

welcome about the story

Rise of The Horde

by K.d Stanton


by blessing


Dark Shadow Zealot

by arb010218

For the pursue of ultimate Wushu all their life time, in order to protect Protoss siblings, Zealot sacrificed themselves in a battle while fighting with Zerg. However, Zerg parasite on the dead bodies of Zealot and acc...


by Gorlin

Murloc Shaman

by milo

Murloc is a kind of special and funny type, I want to try first to change an angle to design, is also a risky attempt~~

[R-EMEX][Death Path]


Zerg queen

by DSL

zerg queen

Hydralisk mother

by BTX

A draft of a hydralisk concept

The battle song

by Gothicq

The Necromancer

by wuxing

The Necromancer


by leo1986

just for fun 8))))

For the Horde !

by aaronchow

Red Wolfrider was a brave warrior ofthe horde. He became more powerful when Alexstrasza blessed him. Now he is not only the blade of the horde,but also the shield of all the wolfriders. Come on! Let us crush the zoo War...


by Lan1992

Maby I just want to express that,either freedom or desting is controlled in your hands,where there is a oppression,there is a revolt!!!

Rifleman Attack

by Kaku

The brave Rifleman lost his ability to fight in a battle, but he accidentally found the ancient goblin civilization,when stubborn dwarf met steam goblin civilization ,something amazing happend ! In the face the enem...

Zerg Demon Hunter

by thel

Zerg demon hunter can summon zergdragon to attact the enemy as well as protecting himself. The origin of power of a zerg demon hunter was no longer from the devils but transformed into physical strength and poison, he ca...

Mogu (WoW)

by runways


Advancing of Centaur

by tjmy07zh


legendary marine

by xuwang

[C.Ke] [Zerg Queen]

by C.Ke

During the first Zerg invasion, Queens were able to spawn a variety of parasites that infested Terran structures to create suicide troops under the Overmind’s control. In the aftermath of the Brood War, the new Queens ...

[Lok'Tar Ogar]

by IronMask

Delano was torn apart. Blade's edge mountains. Holy water dried up. The orc ancestor soul summon ancient titan. The ancestors of the soul into the Titan axe. Doomhammer's descendants and Titan's soul together, become a s...

Bloody Shaman

by Mi_Yang


by cabcab4

I hope everybody would like it~~

Centaur clans hero

by yuezhongli

The Centaur clans hero

Never Be Slaves

by wangxiaoyu12_23

[Jinn][The Highbourn

by Jinn2014


by Black Star

[Demon Dryad]

by Yuxiang Chen

All of the nightelves falled ,heros are only hope

The Red Knight

by close

Hero of Tolvir

by hinshins

the Vengeful Ghost

by zym1983811

I'm going to make StarCraft "ghost" , after a Terran civil war, was imprisoned people freeze, in exile in the dark void, now that he is back, ready to revenge his enemy.

[Tree of life]

by xiaomayi

There is a wicked treant warlock hide in the Forest of Death where is full of methane. A warrior goes into the Forest of Death could be manipulated by the treant warlock and become a human plant at any moment. He is good...

Treasure Goblin

by fayard

I wana creating a legendary creature with special character.....


by hanlingman


by kene11

Ryan used to be a warrior, he was a Guard to protect Mulgore and the Thunder Bluff. When the Centaurs invaded Mulgore, Ryan took up arms and fighted against the Centaurs. One day, Ryan has been surrounded by a team of ...

The skeleton King

by JIE_L

Marine Corps Captain

by liwenjie

[aixiaomianju][Marine Corps Captain]


by lcf

scorpion of gluttony

by sam.young

Scorpion of Gluttony
He is a dreadful demon who lives in the cave of hell. He used to be the leader of the tribe of giants. He was cursed by god because of his cruelty and greed, then he was sealed in wet ca...

Protoss Reaper-Alina

by kimtao

Zerg became stronger and wiser under the leading of Kerrigan,they were keeping invading,tried to occupy the whole Galactic System.The Terran 's military base which kept troops on the Natal planet near by the ...

light of high elves

by Azure

high elves

Blue Dragonspawn

by SHENyibandeMO

Blue Dragonspawn: There is a story that transmits in the ice field all along. A mysterious ethnicity in order to protect the Dragon's Egg . They have been given their word to the Dragon to protect Dragon's eggs with the...


by tianzi

When the war flame striked the Azeroth , there were no longer any protocol, no reputation no nothing can be trusted but death... There's war every where , The continent , Nagas of the Ocean , Dragons of the Valley ...

The High Zealot

by AK517

SharPei Taken Head

by iboow

Folklorists through the ruins of Stormwind relentless unearthed a hundred years ago, a song list. And in folk circles off a burst of no small commotion. People are curious about when peop...

Death mammoth people

by guangguang

It was a mammoth people king, in wrath of the Lich King's mana conversion into undead. At the tail end of the war, it was liberated from prison. Terrorist forces and Sherbet magic feared.

Blood elf queen

by xm3137005

Skeletal mage King

by ft_8001


Spell Breaker

by lucky_zwl

Spell Breaker

Blade of judgment

by Xavier_Nan

No one can escape from this judgment.


by a3322034

‚This is a female version of marines. In the original works, characters and armor are partial round. In order to contrasts with more intense, I want to try some expression of gentle character and tough armor. But in fa...


by joshuagou

Gremlin king

by Li yue

This is my first time to participate in the big games, to exercise their own, to master learning.

Lord De Seis

by manhuenk

不知道這行不行= =....

The Forsaken


War never ends,even after the lich king's defeat.Our HERO is a GENERAL of Forsaken,a bloodthirsty basaker,beheaded enemies with his heavy sword.The undead vast armies conquered human's home -stormwind City.Darkness rules...

Oh, it's a trap

by zephyrxc

DH droped into a hole, there are some big guys waiting for her. Calm down, ready to fight..... A new design of DH with new weapons ,long captive bolts beside legs

The king of goblins

by y19891116x

When I was playing “World Of Warcraft”,my favorite role is the goblins, so I want to let this little guy became a superhero~~It must be cool~~~

Claw druid

by HUO

Soul Reaper

by bigball

Old Monk

by wandongxu

Frozen Mount Hyjal

by demogreen

The Night Elf Death Knight got the ancient frost demonic power,and she frozen Mount Hyjal!

Undead panda

by liuchongwei001

After the story happened in the war with the necromancers, including a panda in order to protect the other soldiers blocking the battered blow, when he woke up he found himself with the undead plague, gradually, your bo...


by jasonjin

Ghoul escaping from the hell, metalized,started to destroy recklessly.

Dark Naga Priest

by 链锯狂人

I wanna create a cavern naga who exists by the underground river. And because of living underground for a long time, part of its body has degenerated or mutated.

Entry Title

by Artisan