Comicon 2014 Post-Mortem
Read about Comicon 2014 results, special thanks, solutions, and more!

Comicon 2014 concluded - View 2014 Champions!

FINAL STAND - Comicon 2014 open from January 1st to March 19th!

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Champions Announcement!

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Begins! For questions and answers, read the official thread here:


Comicon 2010 - Top 36 3D Entries and Top 20 2D Entries Revealed:

Comicon 2010 - Age of Legends, Begins! For questions and answers, read the official thread:

The Final Champions for 2009 are announced!
View 2009 Champions! is now live! No more digging through the forums for the info you need. You now have a one stop site for everything to do with The Comicon Challenge.

Honorary Gold Award
From the community at large, Special Thanks goes to the following 4 members for their advice, inspiration and help to all during Comicon 2014...

2014 Special Thanks
to: Sarakawa

2014 Special Thanks
to: Thebest

2014 Special Thanks
to: walrus

2014 Special Thanks
to: davidcruz1718

3D 1st Place: Judge Dredd
by Alexander Stepanchikov

2D 1st Place: Lady Mechanika
by Olga "Karambola" Starodubtseva

3D 2nd Place: Brainiac
by Jose Mª Lazaro "Ballo"

2D 2nd Place: Hellboy
by Evgeniy "Zagumennyy"

3D 3rd Place: The Joker
by Danilo "Danpetro" Athayde

2D 3rd Place: Wolverine
by Gintas "Gintonio" Galvanauskas

3D 4th Place: Deathstroke
by Baj Singh

2D 4th Place: Green Arrow
by Lap Pun Cheung "C780162"

3D 5th Place: The Batman
by Satoshi "sarakawa" Arakawa

2014 3D Feature Interview
with Jose Mª Lazaro "Ballo"

2014 2D Feature Interview
with Shekhovtsov ".leshiy" Oleg

2011 3D Feature Interview
with Yaroslav "Erigo" Grigorash

2011 2D Feature Interview
with Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri

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