Abraao Segundo
Abraão Segundo - Freelance 3D Character Artist

In 2010, Abraão began the career he always dreamed of - working with CGI. He enrolled in 3D Cinema and Animation at Melies, in São Paulo, Brazil. During his studies, he worked on a project called Voltz, his first cinematic short. In time, he was asked to be a teaching assistant at Melies, where he learned more about modeling, anatomy and character design. For two and a half years, Abraão worked as a teacher, after which he worked in a visual effects studio. There, he enjoyed the experience of working with live action movie advertising in Brazil. By the end of 2014, Abraão began his career as a freelance 3D character artist, working with various international clients to create characters for games, objects for 3D printing, and VFX for TV shows. Today, he continues to enjoy working with teams, as it's the best way to evolve. Abraão earned the title of 1st Place 3D Champion of Comicon Challenge 2015, with his entry Captain Iron.

- abraaosegundo.com
Alexander Stepanchikov
Alexander Stepanchikov - Freelance 3D Character Artist

Alexander is a self-made freelance digital sculptor and 3d character artist in games. Stationed in Moscow, Russia, he created art for both U.S. and European clients. His character work has been seen in games like Killzone 3, Borderlands 2, Dragon Age II, Natural Selection 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, Subnautica and many more. When not busy with work, Alexander loves to push his limits with art challenges, where he received many experiences and emotions creating beautiful characters for Dominance War, BRAWL, Comicon Challenge (placing 3rd in Comicon 2014 - 3d with an entry titled Judge Dredd) and others. Stepanchikov believes that participating in world art challenges is a fantastic method for self-improvement, to learn new techniques, and of course, to have some creative fun. In 2016, Alexander is honored to be a judge for Comicon Challenge 2016.

- stepanchikov.artstation.com
Caleb Nefzen
Caleb Nefzen - 3D Digital Artist

Caleb is a 3D Digital artist with 7 years work experience. During his career, he worked with various companies to create characters from conception, to sculpting, then texturing and finally, rendering. Video games, short films and 3d stills for advertising, Caleb's work touched a wide variety of medias. In 2014, His Viking Batman finished in 8th place for the renowned challenge, Comicon Challenge 2014. Today, Caleb enjoys working as a digital sculptor in the world of collectibles. His works have received awards and has also been featured on the covers of several popular Art Magazines. Additionally, interviews and tutorial articles followed his work with magazines like 3d Artist Magazine, 3d World, Inc. Magazine and more. Caleb is a simple and quiet guy who likes simple things. His goal in life is none other than - To improve day by day as an artist, and even more so as a person. Caleb looks forward to seeing the fabulous work produced in Comicon Challenge 2016.

- calebnefzen.artstation.com
Galina Serova
Galina "S.G" Serova - Senior Character Artist

Galina is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she enjoys working as a Senior Character Artist for Sperasoft. Since 2011 she has worked on various creatures and characters for titles by Bioware Studios, based in Austin, Edmonton and Montreal. Outside of work, she loves to work on personal art projects. Additional hobbies include studying the history of art, photography and spending time with her family and friends. Galina earned a title of 5th Place 3D Champion of Comicon Challenge 2015, with her entry Harley Q.Hell.

Hector Marquez
Hector Marquez - Character Artist

2nd Place champion of Comicon Challenge 2008 with an entry titled, Gunslinger Spawn, Hector Marquez, aka El Scorcho, is a ten year veteran character artist. As he grew up, Hector thought to emulate his older brother, a mechanical engineer, and make cool robots and other fun stuff. However, he quickly realized that math was horridly boring. One day, when a TV commercial aired for a local video game school, Hector's direction in life changed for the best. Along with a passion for art, Hector also enjoyed playing video games. He began with atari 2600 and after playing various games, his fascination for games naturally transitioned into a passion for creating art for games. Fast forward to 2015 - Hector now has awards under his belt, has been featured in magazines, and fully enjoys his chosen career in games. Hector currently works at Robot Entertainment.

- chartist.cgsociety.org
Yaroslav Grigorash
Yaroslav Grigorash - Character Artist

Originating from Ukraine, Yaroslav has worked as a character artist for over 9 years. His career began with vfx and games and throughout the years, he has worked with clients like Digic Pictures, CD Project Red, Capcom, and other major studios. His creative works have received awards with major websites such as CGArena, 3d Creative, Dope Awards, 3d Artist, Render.ru, GameArtisans, 3DTotal and more. In addition, Yaroslav's art has been featured in an assortment of CG magazines across the globe. When not busy with work, Erigo enjoys riding his bike, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family. Yaroslav placed as 1st place champion of Comicon Challenge 2011 with his entry, Elektra, and 2nd place champion in 2010 with his character entry, Lobo.

- ErigoArt.com


Edwin David
Edwin David - Art Director

Edwin David is constantly involved with many things creative. During the span of his career, he worked as a comic book artist for Marvel Comics, Image, and TopCow. He was a fan favorite for Legend of the Five Rings CCG. He received various awards on GameArtisans.org for both mini and main challenges and his art has been featured in various magazines across the globe. Today, Edwin leads two lives, both of which he thoroughly enjoys. During the day, Edwin works as an Art director and Concept Lead for Pigpen Games. At night, he enjoys creating illustrations for two online comic books titled ShadowChasers & KungPao Kingdom.

- dwinbotp.deviantart.com
Lap Pun Cheung
Lap Pun Cheung - Concept Artist

Lap Pun Cheung works as a concept artist and illustrator. Originating from England, he currently resides in Germany where he takes part in the game content creation industry. Outside of work, Lap Pun enjoys working on personal projects and considers himself a classical geek - someone who enjoys watching films and playing games, especially if they are science fiction and/or fantasy. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and when the opportunity presents itself, traveling. Lap Pun Cheung took the 2nd Place standing in Comicon Challenge 2014 with his concept art entry, The Last Arrow.

- artstation.com/artist/c780162
Marat-ars - Concept Artist

Marat is a 2d/3d artist from Russia who, since 2005, specializes in designing character, creature, weapon and equipment concepts for games and film. His work can be seen in publications such as 3D Artist Magazine, Digital Art Masters, 3D Creative Magazine, and more. Online, he has been featured on Pixologic.com, ZbrushCentreal.com, Artstation.com, Drawcrowd.com, GameArtisans.org, and others. Professionally, he has worked on Neverwinter Nights 2, Magic the Gathering, Dungeon and Dragons, Saints Row 3, The Sundering, Infinite Crisis, Marvel Series, Legend of the Cryptids, Galazy Saga, Chaos Drive, etc. When not busy with work, Marat enjoys playing the electric guitar, going to the gym, watching movies and of course, playing video games. In addition, he enjoys entering an online challenge or two every now and then as he devotedly continues to perfect his skills. Currently, Marat works as a concept artist at Universal Studios.

- artstation.com/artist/maratars
- twitter.com/marat-ars
- facebook.com/marat.ars/about
Maria Trepalina
Maria "Ketka" Trepalina - Art Director

Maria is a professional illustrator and concept artist who, for many years, worked in cinema, advertising, and games. From 2009 to 2015, her creative works as a freelance artist could be seen in games by Blizzard Entertainment, Game Workshop, and many more. In online challenges, team GameArtisans has been honored to have Maria's work as the representing background image for Blizzardfest 2013 (Dryads) and Dominance War V (Elemental God). Maria currently works as an Art Director for an unannounced console game project.

- mariatrepalina.com
Mathieu Levert - Freelance Artist

Mathieu Levert is a self taught artist. In 2011, he began his career as a concept artist at Behaviour Interactive where he worked on a few facebook and iOS titles. Later, when Behaviour partnered up with Cloud Imperium Games to work on Star Citizen, Mathieu helped to create designs for environments and props. When not at work, Mathieu enjoys working on personal projects which consists mostly of character designs and coming up with ideas for interesting stories. He also enjoys playing video games, mainly MMOs, but only when spare time presents itself.

- levertconcept.com
Oleg Leshiy
Oleg Leshiy Shekhovtsov - Freelance Artist

As a self-taught artist, Oleg has five years work experience and a boundless love for games. When not busy with freelance contracts, Oleg enjoys taking part in major online art competitions. With an entry titled, Mr.Freeze - Final, Oleg won the title of 1st Place Champion in Comicon Challenge 2014 - 2D, and in recent years, managed to win various awards in others challenges. However, he prefers not to get stuck in the realm of 2d and gladly goes back periodically to 3D and programming/scripting, to keep in touch with adjacent areas of design, animation, effects, screenwriting, direction, and more. For additional details, view Oleg's interview with GA: Comicon 2014 Champion Interview.

- artleshiy.com


Ahmad Kareem
Ahmad Kareem - Animator

Ahmad Kareem is a 2D/3D artist who loves video games. In 2006, he started a five year BA for Applied Sciences and Arts at German University in Cairo, Egypt. On graduation, he then continued into 3D Animation and Character Design at Fanshawe College, Canada. During his studies, he became a teacher's assistant in the German University, and then found a part-time position as a 3D Animator at Fullmoon Animation Studio, where he worked on two TV shows; "Abaza" and "Madraset el Banat" for Egyptian and UAE TV. To date, Ahmad continues his studies at Fanshawe in preparation for a career in games. His focus is primarily on 3D animation, and has won a 1st place champion award for his Comicon Challenge 2015 animation entry - Rogue vs Carol. As a fan of comic books and of fictional art in general, Ahmad always looks forward to see challenges that inspire geek art and that bring artists together.

Betina Marquis
Betina Marquis - Lead Animator

A graduate of both Fine Arts and Illustration and Design, Betina began a career in animation as an animator for Kids TV programs. With experience gained, she moved into games, first for a small studio, and then Ubisoft Montreal, where she enjoyed working on the Splinter Cell franchise - Double Agent and Conviction. In 2010, Betina moved on to become a Lead Animator at Ubisoft Toronto for the title, Blacklist, and now works on a very exciting undisclosed project. With 14 years experience, projects she contributed to have been twice nominated for CVA, Canadian Videogame Awards, followed with a personal nomination in Microsoft's Women in Games Awards at GDC 2014. Today, Betina enjoys spending her free time drawing with her lovely son, playing video games, reading, and cooking.

Charles Tinney
Charles Tinney - Animator

Dragon Ball Z was Charles' inspiration for becoming an animator. Even with all its quirks, he loved that stuff! Charles is a veteran in CG animation. He began with Ritual Entertainment working on the hit title, Couter-Strike. As time progressed, he moved to DNA Productions where his work touched titles like The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the famous Nickelodeon TV show and the feature film, The Ant Bully. Afterwards, it was Ensemble Studios, where he worked on Halo Wars. Today, he is one of the founding employees of Robot Entertainment, where he works on the Orcs Must Die! Franchise and Hero Academy. Despite his long run with cg, today, Charles continues to enjoy working on 2D animated shorts during his spare time and eating healthy as a vegan... unless it's a really good beef rib, which basically must be the size of a dinosaur bone from his favorite restaurant, Lockhart's Smokehouse.

Dan Rickard
Dan Rickard - 3D & Animation Instructor

Dan is an accomplished 3d artist specializing in animation and character design. He has worked on dozens of games including Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, Army of Two 40th Day, Hulk, Wanted, Blacksite, Sacred 2, and most of the Battlefield series. Dan has worked at every artistic stage of game development with DICE Canada and also as an Art Manager and Animation Lead at Redjade. While freelancing, Dan has recently begun instructing at Fanshawe College where he teaches 3d Animation and Character Design. His course focuses on modeling, texturing, and animation.

Raymon Fong
Raymon Fong - VFX Generalist & Animation Instructor

As an honors graduate of Dawson's Illustration and Design program, Raymon Fong's experience extends over a decade long career. He began by creating small animations for the web. As advancements in technology and the volatility of business began to shift, he found himself migrating into a realm of film, video production, motion graphics and electronic signage where he worked on live events, videos and electronic display screens for many major corporations and local businesses. Currently he teaches in Dawson's 3D Animation and CGI program in video compositing, Photoshop, digital painting, audio and video editing as well as working in the side business of mobile technology, user interface and application architecture design. In his spare time, he is a passionate song writer, painter and musician.

Valerie Lim
Valerie Lim - Cinematic Animator

A graduate from Dawson College's 3D Animation program and with further training via iAnimate, Valerie Lim now works as a cinematic animator with 3 years experience. She began her career with Ubisoft, where she enjoyed contributing to games like Assassin's Creed 3, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4 and Child of Light. Today, she works as a character animator at L'Atelier Animation on a movie tentatively titled, Ballerina, with Animation Director Ted Ty. As a growing animator, Valerie has met numerous professional animators from various backgrounds that have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. When not busy with work, she enjoys video games, and of course animation, drawing and art, as she believes sketching and creating appeal through shapes is therapy for the soul. She absolutely loves cats and just recently joined a team sport, Roller Derby.