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Varied Angles of Final Beef
What is the most exciting and rewarding part about being a game artist?
Creating a convincing character within a very stringent poly and texture limit is something I used to hate but now I find it the most satisfying aspect of creating game art. It's also fun to play the roles of both the concept and production artist.

Textures Sheets for Chief Beef
Why did you enter the Dominance War and if you could, would you recommend similar 3d game contests to friends/aspiring artists? Why or Why not?
I entered the war to defend our beleaguered forum from the tide of wicked green nihilists. Also to learn more about next gen assets and generally swan about and show off. I'd recommend contests to anyone who's interested in making game art. It's very easy to lose motivation on personal projects that don't have a client or AD, and contests like the Dominance War supply it in spades. Glib answer! woot!

Wire Frames for Chief Beef
What would be your advice for aspiring game artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful game artist?
I don't consider myself a fully fledged game artist so I don't know how qualified I am to answer this. But for what it's worth;
If you're ever called to do conceptual stuff then take ideas from things that aren't games, research is easy with google. Getting assets working in a realtime engine is the whole point of making game art so try a mod group, work on an indie game or make a PPM. Art scuffles like the cgchat, cgtalk and polycount comps are a good way of learning. Joining an online cg community is good for building up your skillset and contacts, and it can also lead to commercial work. Fork out dough for zbrush and use it a lot. Stick to deadlines, and sellotape a bit of paper to your wacom tablet if you haven't already.
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As the 2nd place Winner for the Dominance War of 2006, Andy [mr kite] Nisbet will receive the following gifts in tribute of his success:

- Iron Lore Entertainment: T-shirt, Titan Quest (when ships)

- Neversoft: GUN (any platform) and GUN poster

- Ritual Entertainment: T-shirt and SiN Episodes (when ships)
- Mythic Entertainment: T-shirt, hat, and camelot Epic Edition Box

- Secret Level: T-shirt and stickers

- Epic Games: Unreal shirt (black or gold), and choice between Game (UT2004 ECE or UC2) or Ued Book

- Ensemble: Age of Empires 3 (Regular edition)

- Sony: Sony Duffle bag

- New Riders and Peachpit Press: Book of choice from Peachpit or New Riders

- http://www.3D.sk: A year's subscription as a Corporate Member. Gain access to more then 40.400 Royalty Free Photos For Instant Download.

- www.environment-textures.com: A year's subscription with access to 29128 Royalty-Free Environment Photos that are Updated Twice a Week.
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