Machines grew stronger. Entire cities across the galaxy began to fall, until finally, two powerful entities shifted the tide of war. Equipped with vast amounts of magic, a powerful warlord from planet 3Dtotal and a powerful sorceress from planet CGLand, single handedly defended their home worlds from severe destruction. Through their inspiring actions, more warriors from 3Dtotal and CGLand began to join them and soon, they were able to bring the war to the machines' home world itself... until one day, everything simply stopped. All machine activities immediately ceased and all wormholes instantly closed. It was a Great Victory for the two surviving planets; 3Dtotal and CGLand. However, both heroes were lost when the wormholes suddenly closed. Nobody is sure what happened to these heroes, but for the time being, everyone was content to enjoy the victory and time for recovery while it lasted...

5 year's later, everything changed for the worst... To be continued...

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Dominance War Core Team

Fredrik [FredH] Hultqvist

This whole network of sites,,, and, are a series of sites that focuses on game art challenges. I suppose I am committed to these sites because through competitions, I myself got my first job in the games industry. 4 years down the road and now here I am trying to give others the same benefits that I myself have received. Now that Dominance War III is over, I am really glad everyone enjoyed themselves. It was an honor to see everyones efforts and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again in a future event.

I would like to give a special thanks to my core Dominance War III team. Without these important individuals, whom I have come to be proud of, there would have been no DWIII. You guys rock!

~ Fred

Credits: Site designer, DW founder, site maintenance'er, major sponsor, editor, technical support guy, public relations guy and DW Organizer.

Barbara [Amethyst] Hultqvist

"Wow! Dominance War III was a big delight this year. It was great to see artists in 9 different forums and in 5 different languages all create fantastic 3d and Concept art for games. Artists have excelled beyond all my expectations and I am proud to have helped fund this event and its creation. In my eyes, everyone was a winner and everyone has my total admiration"

~ Amethyst

Credits: Second Major sponsor for DWII & DWIII
Joseph Mirabello

"It's been a pleasure working on getting Dominance War's name out there and contributing to the team. Dominance War has developed a reputation as an Olympics for Video Game Art, and I'm proud to be a part of that. Bringing international communities together, sharing in techniques and tips, and discovering new talent make Dominance War the most self-rewarding endeavor I've ever experienced. See you all next year!"

Credits: Dominance War publicity manager and public relations correspondent.

Taehoon Oh

"No doubt about it, Dominance war is an awesome competition for all game artists around the world. I was so happy to share this opportunity with my home country this year. I had experience with competing and winning in 2007 and with this know-how, I wanted to show Korea's power to the world. Moreover, I wanted koreans to be proud of their skills. My job was not difficult. I just translated the dominance war site, set up a Korean forum and left 1,400 posts during the event. And we could have outstanding results. I'm very proud of our team and their efforts for Dominance war. Cheers!"
- Taehoon

Credits: Korean team leader, Korean Translator and Spokesperson for anything related to Dominance War in Korea.

Maxim [Maxx] Miheyenko

"All greetings! I must confess in the beginning, when Fred asked me to assist him with Russian translations and talks, I did not understand why a competition like Dominance War was so important. There are many art competitions online, so for me, it was just a game challenge, nothing more... BUT, after a few months, I started to fall in love with the event. There were so many great pieces of art being produced and the atmosphere was very friendly and inspiring... even when people did not speak the same language. Because of this, DW, to me, became rather close and personal and even some bad-ass responses on the forums could not extinguish my admiration. I am grateful to all our Russian-speaking (Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova you too!!) for their magnificent performance. Next year, I am looking forward to an even bigger event... and I will try my best to make it happen!

Special thanks goes to my lovely girl. She is truly, my inspiration!"
- maxx

Credits: Russian team leader, Russian Translator, and Spokesperson for anything related to Dominance War in Russia. Also showcased Dominance War in GDC Russia and another large CGEvent in Moscow.

Nina [Nina Leo] Leo

"I have been fascinated with 3d art for many years. Lately, I work in the games industry as an assistant art director, but at times, I still prefer to model and texture creations myself. For me, Dominance War has been a great inspiration for art and communication. I have seen many people create great pieces of art, and at the same time, develop friendships with artists from all around the world. Because of this, it is my hope to know more 3d artists myself to talk with and share experiences. I am positive that in future events, artists will learn more and more and become stronger and stronger...together. It was an honor to have been part of this year’s event."
~ Nina

Credits: Chinese team leader, Chinese Translator, and Spokesperson for anything related to Dominance War in China.

Vincent Ganachaud

"During Dominance War II, I saw many artists helping each other through friendly critiques, moral support, and friendly encouragement. I realized at this point, that I wanted to try and help Fred as best I could. In the 3rd addition of Dominance War, I helped Fred speak with 3DVF and to my surprise; I became part of the core team that now runs the Dominance War series.

I really enjoyed working together with 3DVF and seeing all the hard work, motivation and encouragement shown in each participating artist. It was something fabulous and Unique for me.

Thank you Fred for your trust in me,
Thank you 3DVF for the time and fun you gave us,
and a big thanks to all the DWIII Artists."
- Vincent

Credits: French team leader, French Translator, and Spokesperson for anything related to Dominance War in the French language.

Dominance War III Special Thanks

We would like to thank those special individuals and companies who believed in this event.
Your support meant a lot to us.

Logo: Company Name: Website Address:

Blizzard Entertainment
38 Studios
Saber Interactive
Infinity Ward
Ensemble Studios
Electronic Arts
3d Printing Made Easy

Name: Forum Name: Website Address:

  Barbara Hultqvist Amethyst  
  Fredrik Hultqvist FredH
  Donovan Keele ThatDon
  Taehoon Oh Taehoon
  Marcus A. Dublin Marcus Dublin
  John Wu therealjohnwu
  Brett Briley Spark
  Peter Boehme peppi
  Vitaliy Naymushin rawkstar

Name: Forum Name: Website Address:

  Christian Fell  
  Emil Mujanovic caseyjones
  David Kubalak -kube-  
Name: Forum Name: Website Address:

  Rob Galanakis Professor420
  Esequiel Garcia Zeke3D
  Endika Eguia Tudela Pepsi  
  Adam Schuman onelung
  Benjamin Ridgway Kongni  
  Will Wurth HotHandSandwich
  Evan Calderaro DejaVooDoo
  Orrie Walls Cridder
  Marcellus Barnes psychoCowboy

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