Chang Gun Nam


Entry: Hela 

Location: South Korea, Seoul

Email: [email protected]


Favorite Software: MAX2008, MUDBOX, Photoshop CS

Inspirations: Mostly inspired by great artwork, Movies, and Books

Favorite Games: FPS, Gears of war, Call of duty 4

Favorite movies: Seven Samurai, Seven, Fight Club, Event Horizon

Favorite music: Mostly new aged music

Good habits: "Genius was born by effort and diligence"

Bad habits: If I concentrate on something, I stop sleeping.

Future Goals: Enjoy my life as much as I can.

Dogs or Cats: Both!

How do you bounce back from a bad day:
Driving or listening to music.

What's a good day: Hanging out with family and staying alone at home.


Let's start at the beginning, how did you become an artist and at the time, did you think you would end up being an artist for games?
My childhood dream was to become a comic book artist; however, in university, ever since I first touched a 3d program called 3dmax, my dream instantly changed from a comic book artist to a character artist for games. When I, alone, created my first character in university, I was totally impressed. It was the first step in my thought-after career, and it is now the reason why I am here today as a character artist. Lately, I am also looking into becoming an animator. Another challenge...

This year's Dominance War must have looked like a hard challenge. Personally, why did you enter Dominance War III?
It was actually a co-worker that suggested I should join this competition. When I read the rules, I found that the competition's forum based teamwork aspect sounded very interesting. I also really liked how every artist in every forum had to create one subject for the entire event. When I finally joined in February, like I predicted, it was great to be part of a team. We certainly did our best to be victorious.

Tell us about the process you undertake to get the results that you do? How do you come up with your ideas?
For Dominance War III, I wanted to create two characters, opposites and harmony at the same time. To begin with, I found that the best power to use for a contradictory harmony was a summoning power. I then used two different styles, classical and a fantasy illustrative style, to help further differentiate the duo. Naturally, I chose to make one a male character and the other a female character, additionally, I made one a heavy-weight and the other a light-weight. Even with these differences, I still had to make them harmonious, so the first item that needed to be addressed was an effective silhouette. As I worked on my entry, the polycount limitation was a constant concern. Detail distribution needed to be controlled. I tried never to lose site of my initial concept. When the model was done, the next step was coloring. After a few trials and errors, and some helpful advice from my wife and fellow co-workers, I was happy with the result that ended up being my final entry for the war.


To get this entry done must have been no easy feat. Tell us about your working habits? Basically, what's your secret to your apparent success?
A secret skill for a successful project is to make a schedule that outlines the time it takes to complete everything. I am always afraid that a project will get more complicated than my initial conceived idea, so this constant concern keeps me weary and careful and prevents me from over extending myself beyond my physical limits (we all need to sleep). In the end, a simple schedule that takes only 30 minutes to create can make a significant impact on one's final result. In my case, as you can see, during Dominance War III, it helped a lot.

What would be your advice for aspiring game artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful 3D artist?
Following the new trends for a constantly shifting game creation process, and acquiring the new skills to meet new development demands, is very important for a 3d game artist. Things change fast, so we need to learn fast. Aside from this, it's good to keep looking for inspiration from other artists around the world. There is always someone better than you and if you look at their art, you yourself will be inspired to try new things and to become better in whatever it is that you do.


Was there someone, or some thing that helped make you who you are today? Is there anyone you would like to thank, or at least give a shout to?
Even though I haven't met them in person, Terada Katsuya and Takeya Takayuki are my teachers. Also, I would like to thank my wife, who inspires me and at the same time, offers me invaluable advice. And finally, I would like to thank my daughter and fellow co-workers.

Would you do it all again next year if you could?
Yes, for sure! It gave me a chance to develop my skills and in the end, I learned a lot. It was great to compete with world-class artists from different countries around the globe. There are no other online competitions like the Dominance War, so for me, it's now the only one. Thanks.

Your work in Dominance War III was an inspiration to all! Thank you for your time and I am positive that we are all looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic art in future Dominance Wars!

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