Joongmin Park


Entry: Freyal Emperor

Location: South Korea, Seoul

Email: [email protected]


Favorite Software: My primary software is Photoshop but I usually prefer drawing by hand.

Inspirations: Nature, scenery, people or anything and everything. I really try and pull inspiration from all around me.

Favorite Games: God of War, MGS, Monster Hunter, GTA

Favorite movies: Any Sci-fi movie that made a lot of money. Of course, there are a few horrible exceptions...

Favorite music: Anything that is on... Basically, no preference.

Good habits: Plans first and then starts it until finished. Optimistic mindset. Never gives up on a project.

Bad habits: Easy temper. Can't think about multiple things at the same time.

Future Goals: Famous Artist in short term, and powerful art director in long term.

Dogs or Cats: Dog

How do you bounce back from a bad day: Work out and I enjoy dining with family

What's a good day: When I realize everything is going to be fine when I finish a project. The first day of a trip. The last day before a long holiday.


Let's start at the beginning, how did you become an artist and at the time, did you think you would end up being an artist for games?
I started drawing when I was really young, and at the time, I quickly fell in love with video game characters. I found myself attracted to the art of making game characters, and as I played games, I simply enjoyed watching the characters. Because of this passion, I focused on character art in general, and later it brought me to my current position in the games industry.

This year's Dominance War must have looked like a hard challenge. Personally, why did you enter Dominance War III?
I've never worked on a complete game illustration quite like this before. In the past I usually made more conceptual character work and sketches for projects, so the challenge of a finished ‘marketing’ illustration like the one required in Dominance War III was something new. One of my co-workers introduced me to the competition and I thought it would be a really good chance to learn and develop my skills. I found that completing a finished ‘piece’ was only one of the competition’s benefits, because in the end, I was able to meet and work with a lot of new people on the forums. It was a real worthwhile experience.

Tell us about the process you undertake to get the results that you do? How do you come up with your ideas?
Well, first, I came up with an idea for a magical artifact. I was proud of how interesting and unique it turned out to be. I wanted to make a character with a completely different feeling from the mechanical characters that everyone was up against in the war. My idea was to create a powerful goddess, yet still have her portrayed with a sensitive and feminine side. For the final illustration, I tried to find a way in which I could express this feeling of power and beauty together on a single character and on a single sheet. As I pondered in thought, coincidently, I saw one of my female coworkers crossing her legs on her chair. It immediately struck me as a good idea, and I quickly created a final image of a goddess with this pose. Instantly, she had a sense of arrogance and power. I'd really like to thank my coworker for this great idea!

To get this entry done must have been no easy feat. Tell us about your working habits? Basically, what's your secret to your apparent success?
I started by formulating my thoughts with rough sketches on paper. Once I found something I liked, I scanned my work brought it into Photoshop, where I then proceeded to paint it with my wacom tablet. As for techniques and approaches like this, in my opinion, tools are nothing but tools. Artwork I create is neither influenced by the tools I use or the method in which I create it, but rather, I depends and relies on the possibilities of my imagination. This is my artistic philosophy: It’s a big golden pot that I can put all my concepts, drawings, colorings, ideas and so on into to create a final piece. Lastly, I guess my secret to success is simply taking pride in my work and being confident in what I do.

What would be your advice for aspiring game artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful concept artist?

First, throw away any false attitudes about your art and strive for confidence in yourself and your work. A negative attitude always keeps you from improving; however, a lack of confidence also keeps progress at bay. A good sense of confidence is crucial towards reaching the next step.

Second, you need to have an eye for analyzing things. A good eye is much more important than drawing a lot. Good observation skills make good artwork.

Third, always find a good, solid concept, or idea before you start and never loose sight of your idea throughout the project.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to try new and challenging things; failures always bring profits later, and mistakes are forever unavoidable.

Lastly, avoid being lazy! This is the most important key for me and it should be the same for many people.

Was there someone, or some thing that helped make you who you are today? Is there anyone you would like to thank, or at least give a shout to?
I would like to thank my coworkers and my fellow CGLand artists who supported me from the beginning to the very end of Dominance War III. Their support meant a lot. Likewise, I'd like to thank CGLand moderator, and past Dominance War Champion, Taehoon Oh. He did a fantastic job at leading CGLand!

Would you do it all again next year if you could?
Why not? I'll be here again, ready for another challenge!

Your work in Dominance War III was an inspiration to all! Thank you for your time and I am positive that we are all looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work in future Dominance Wars!

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