Dmitry Parkin


Entry: Imrod

Location: Russia, Saratov

Email: [email protected]


Favorite Software: My favorite software applications are Maya, Zbrush,and Photoshop.

Inspirations: I draw my inspiration from the works of other artists and from music.

Favorite Games: I like games with fast game play speed and careful balancing; for example, Quake III , Gears of War and Starcraft (with Brood War).

Favorite movies: I really like movies that are reminiscent of fairy tales, full of mystique and beauty(like Lord of the Rings). Horror/gore films like Dawn of the dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are great too!

Favorite music: There's so much music I like! To list a few: Burzum, Nine Inch Nails, Demented Are Go, Wu Tang Clan, Bob Marley.

Good habits: : I constantly try to improve my skills and I receive criticism well.

Bad habits: Sometimes I tend to take on several projects at the same time. As a result I'll burn myself out and only finish one to the quality level I really am striving for.

Future Goals: I would love to be more skilled at traditional artsódeveloping my ideas with paint and canvas more, for example. Also, Iíd love to work more with game art, and develop my career as a video game artist as much as I can.

Dogs or Cats: I own neither, but if I were to choose I'd choose to have a lot of different dogs.

How do you bounce back from a bad day: I try to realize that I've put in a good effort.

What's a good day: ...when everything I create comes out how I'd envisioned.


Let's start at the beginning, how did you become an artist and at the time, did you think you would end up being an artist for games?
I've been drawing since I was born, and I've always been pretty good at it. I grew up with it as a hobby. Computer games were my favorite way to entertain myself, and because of this, I knew I wanted to work in the industry. As I grew up, I've tried to keep myself from being distracted, and focus purely on my art. So far, it's turned out rather well!

This year's Dominance War must have looked like a hard challenge. Personally, why did you enter Dominance War III?
I really wanted to show off everything I've learned over the years. As an artist, recognition is important, and from everything I've seen, this contest seems like a great way to get my work noticed!

Tell us about the process you undertake to get the results that you do? How do you come up with your ideas?
For my ideas, I rely a lot on my own personal taste. My best work usually falls in line with the kinds of things my aesthetic is drawn to, and my inspirations are prevalent in my work. Though sometimes I try to surprise myself!


To get this entry done must have been no easy feat. Tell us about your working habits? Basically, what's your secret to your apparent success?
Well, above everything else, I primarily focus on making the silhouette look good. This is a general impression of the piece and it has to have the right sense of 'character'. If I've gotten the right sense of weight and mood, then the character will feel more alive to others and myself. I also spend most of my time on the sculpting stage of my work. I find this to be the most pleasing part of the process, and Iíve had a number of years of experience with Zbrush. This experience has been a big plus in my career and in Dominance War.

What would be your advice for aspiring game artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful 3d artist?
I'm certain that the best way to train your skills is to draw and model as much as possible. Also, it's important to get as many critiques and as much feedback on your work as possible. Pay attention to what you enjoy creating and what you do well, but also to where you have troubles. And don't be afraid to really spend time on a project. The more time you give a project, the better the result will be.


Was there someone, or some thing that helped make you who you are today? Is there anyone you would like to thank, or at least give a shout to?
Yes, I would like to thank my friend Anton Korolkov. He gave inspiration to me many years back, and told me that if I kept drawing I'd be successful. Also, many thanks to my friend Vitaly Bulgarov, who has helped me to understand highpoly modeling!

Would you do it all again next year if you could?
Yes, sure! I had a great time in Dominance War III, so if I have time next year, I'll join again for sure!

Your work in Dominance War III was an inspiration to all! Thank you for your time and I am positive that we are all looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work in future Dominance Wars!

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