Forum Name: reptu

Character Name: Bunnykaze

Email: [email protected]


Favorite Software: Firefox

Inspirations: Movies & Music

Favorite Games: Twinsen odyssey, any mario,any donkey kong, zelda64, any half life, unreal tournament1, any mortal kombat.

Favorite movies: Any Kubrick, Any Fincher, Requiem for a dream, Red desert, Donnie Darko, City of god, Children of Man, Y tu madre tambiem, Evangelion, Japanese animation, The science of sleep, Cryes and Whispers, The 7th seal, Back to the futures.

Favorite music: Deftones, Interpol, Arctic monkeys, Strokes, The doors, Mars Volta, John Frusciante, Red Hot, Placebo, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Led Zepelin, 70s psicodelic rock, Indie rock

Good habits: Creative and a thinker

Bad habits: Cigarettes, Computer

Future Goals: Make a music, make a short, travel the world

Thank you(s): My friends

Prefer dogs or cats? or maybe something else?:
Dogs, have a couple

How do you bounce back from a bad day? Sleeping a lot and letting my subconscious analize what went wrong

What’s a good day? A day spent with friends drinking beer and talking about nothing and everything.

Varied Angles of Bunnykaze
Let's start at the beginning, how did you become an artist and why?
I started my affair with art at a very early age (6). It began with oil classes and co-painting with the teacher. I created simple cartoon characters, yeah, I used to love smurfs, TMNT and snoopy. I have a couple hanging in front of me to this day. A few years later, I started drawing harder pieces like marvel heroes, small funny comics and caricatures. When I finally turned 12, I joined a fine art class where I drew classic photorealistic reproductions and worked on a couple of rubish stop motion shorts. Unfortunately, I slowly began to lose my interest for drawing when I discovered computer graphics. I believe photoshop was responsible for this. Taking a fancy to the program, I created anything I could, and then once I hit 15, I then discovered the infamous 3d max R3 and fell in love! I am now addicted to art and the journey of creating something to brand a period in my life. For I use my art as a timeline for my memories. When I see my old artworks, they make me think back to the time when I created it and the thoughts I had while making it.
Was there someone, or some thing that helped make you who you are today?
There were many people and things that helped create me along the way. It is what makes a personality inside us all; the constant influence of the world around us that we perceive and take part in... too much to put describe here. But, if I was to narrow it down to my art side, I think it was all the movies, cartoons and games that influenced me during my childhood. As to how I developed my computers skills, I think this would have a lot to do with games. They have an incredible power to teach tasks and generate a subconscious interest for certain subjects inside a young mind.

More Angles of Bunnykaze

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Tell us about the process you undertake to get the results that you do? How do you come up with your ideas? Concepts, yes, no?
It's weird... I am not the greatest at drawing concept art. I feel limited when I attempt 2d creation and I also tend to get bored easily when drawing. Therefore, my main creative process consists of developing an idea, not an image. Usually, it's a story where the character is the main subject, so the techniques to create constantly change and varies. In Dominance War II, I concepted my ideas directly onto a mesh.
The idea aspects are a bit subjective and complicated to explain. I usually spend quite some time working on my ideas inside my head before I transfer them to my hands. During this project, it was kind of a happy coincidence. I have always been thinking about a lot of new ideas and this event allowed me to experiment and bring one of my ideas to life. Nevertheless, I would still like to do more.

Construction Shots of Bunnykaze
During the war, did you ever have any doubts on your design? Were there any compromises or revisions?

Yes, I am never sure until it is done. Revisions are frequent. Once I start, the only thing I don't dare modify is the essence of the character; my initial purposes and psychological interpretations of the character itself. Inside my mind, I feel the need to inspire the viewers, not always please them, sometimes even disturb them, but always make them think. In the beginning, I find that creating additional eyecandy is trivial. I make some tests until I think its form is more or less done. I try to avoid getting lost in the technical aspects until I near my project's end. There is a lot to say about technical aspects. If one resumes his work over and over again, overworking does not guarantee great results. I believe that if one experiments and develops new techniques, this is more likely to yield a better result.

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