Purpose? To provide artists everywhere with an opportunity to showcase skills, techniques and artistic passions in an environment that fosters personal growth and the sharing of ideas worldwide.

Purpose? To provide artists everywhere with an opportunity to showcase skills, techniques and artistic passions in an environment that fosters personal growth and the sharing of ideas worldwide.

Blizzardfest Challenge

FestChallenges.com, put simply, is a fan-based art challenge... on Steroids!! It's an exciting art challenge that brings together multiple online communities to compete with subjects like comics, movies, games, music, tv-shows, and more! In 2014, festchallenges.com is proud to host a challenge that celebrates a company's achievement for inspiring the world for more than 20 years... Blizzard Entertainment.

In Blizzardfest 2014, artists have the ability to sign up and compete for 1 of 7 participating communities. Thereafter, like an Olympic event, any artist who wins the challenge, wins the challenge for themselves and for their community! Be it for exposure, to make new friends, for inspiration, to showcase talents, to get a job in the industry, or to have loads of fun while testing your skills to the max, you only need bring yourself and your talents to fully appreciate this event. With team best standings, team best iCard interviews, World Champion standings, and World champion interviews... we look forward to highlighting numerous exceptional individuals!

From all participating communities, we sincerely hope you will enjoy Blizzardfest 2014 and take part in making this a spectacular event to remember!

It has always been GameArtisans.org’s commitment to further the advancements of game artists everywhere. With festchallenges.com, we hope to offer yet another high-class once a year event that pushes artistic talents to their max! This year, with 7 competing forums in Blizzardfest 2014, and with a website written in 9 different languages, we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of a spectacular company who has inspired the world for over 20 years - Blizzard Entertainment!

World standings await the victors of this epic challenge. Good Luck to all those who enter ~

Fredrik Hultqvist
GameArtisans.org Founder
Unearthly Challenge Organizer
DominanceWar.com Organizer
FestChallenges.com Organizer
ComiconChallenge.com Organizer

leewiART is an online CG platform which features top Chinese CG artists and their artworks and has been working to provide art services to help encourage and promote artists. leewiART continually maintains business partnerships with various international competition organizers and publishers, and recommends talented artists to game, movie, animation, comics and illustration industries.

To date, leewiART has successfully published the its exquisite art book series and organized several prestigious events such as the Share One Planet - Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition; the International Concept Artworks Exhibition, the Perfect Rising Star Competition and Shanda Games Creative Cartoon Competition, etc.

Leta (Juan), Liu
Website administrator

CGLand, a cg community geared towards Korean artists, began in 2000. Since its inauguration, it has developed itself online as a leading source of information for animation, film, architecture and game related news. With a monthly publication of a magazine titled Digital Brush, CGLand continues to provide cutting edge materials and info for cg artists in Korea. To date, CGLand's has taken part in Dominance War III, IV and V and stunned the world with world champion achievements in both DW III and DW V 2D.

CGLand is delighted to be introduced as a new honorary team for Korean artists in festchallenges.com's new title - Blizzardfest Challenge 2014. We look forward to the continual development of this challenge and it is with great excitement that we await the launch of the upcoming 2014 chapter for artists world wide.

Hui-cheol Sin
Art Challenges Administrator

ARTTalk.ru - is the world's leading cg art website for Russian speaking artists, the largest thematic resource in Ukraine, and belongs to the group - ARQUTE LLC.

Since its inception in 2007, Arttalk.ru held an assortment of competitions in collaboration with companies like Autodesk, Pixologic, Imagine Publishing, RealTime School, Fantasy World, and various others. Over the years, thousands of artists have taken part in Arttalk.ru's challenges. When introduced to Dominance War V in 2011, the world's largest CG Art competition, Arttalk.ru was honored to be a distinguishing team for Russian-speaking artists.

It is a great honor for us to be the part of a new multi-language competition, Blizzardfest 2014. Our team represents a lot of professional and young talented artists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus ect, who are all ready for its launch! We are all looking forward to the announcement of the rules and guidelines for this new epic event! Good luck for all participants!

Alexey Kashpersky
ARQUTE, LLC Director
ARTTalk.ru Founder
Arqute.com Founder

3DTotal.com is a premier website for CG artists, offering top-quality training, inspirational galleries, a free texture library resource, plus hundreds of free tutorials across a variety of hot subjects – with new ones being added to the mix every week! The goal with 3DTotal has always been to create a friendly and educational environment to help budding and experienced CG artists alike master their 3D skills alongside other like-minded creatives. The supportive and energetic community that has evolved from this idea has notoriously been enthused by inter-forum challenges, which always stir up new levels of motivation and communication. This latest competition looks sure to be another classic challenge series in the making!

Tom Greenway
3dtotal Founder

CGart.ir is a leading CG Community for Persian Artists from all around the world. On CGart, we provide professional activities such as world-class events, workshops, galleries and international exhibits. To have passion and dynamism in our community is our primary source of inspiration, and with this inspiration, we continually strive to make awesome events and enjoy helping them grow.

It is an honor to be a part of this challenge! GameArtisans has always had brilliant ideas for Massive Online challenges and Blizzardfest is yet another grand event in the making. We look forward to taking part in Blizzardfest and seeing all the inspiring entries that will emerge in the finals!

Amirhossein Erfani
CGArt.ir Founder

3dvf.com - For the past 15 years, 3DVF has been a primary source of CG information for french speaking artists and digital image lovers worldwide. With hundreds of online portfolios/galleries and dozens of new artwork submissions each day, forums, job offers, event coverings and more, 3DVF continues to offer unprecedented features for its viewers and registered members. Share art, techniques and inspiration, this has been 3DVF's reason to be, and their dynamic community has never stopped growing since its inception in 1999.

3DVF is honored to participate in a new chapter on festchallenges.com, and to share knowledge and art with all other participating communities! (Join 3DVF once again, join the Frogs team for this new challenge!)

Olivier Perrot
3dvf.com Founder

GameArtisans Founder | 2006 - Present

As Founder of GameArtisans.org, Fredrik Hultqvist, aka FredH, is a director who adores his work. Having worked in both Games and Web, he enjoys bringing together his passion for these two fields to create challenging and entertaining events like Dominance War, Unearthly Challenge, and the all new GA Online. Today, Fred continues to help motivate creativity and continually strives to give something meaningful to the industry he has come to admire - Games.

FredH is responsible for the design, rules, organization, and the maintenance of Blizzardfest Challenge. If you have a question, he is the one to ask.

Fredrik Hultqvist
GameArtisans.org Founder
DominanceWar.com Organizer
Unearthly Challenge Organizer
FestChallenges.com Organizer
ComiconChallenge.com Organizer
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