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Aamir - Freelancer Artist

Aamir, born in Pakistan, currently works as a freelance artist. To date, his love for art, motions and shapes has kept pushing him to become a better artist. For Aamir, the term happy comes to him when he is capable to produce work as a character artist modeler and specialize in either animation and/or project direction, but he is also always happy to work with other media too. When not busy behind a computer, he enjoys spending his spare time with a paint brush or two creating traditional works and studying design and ideas for making new awesome looking characters of his own unique designs!

- facebook.com/aamirartmesh
- aamirart.blogspot.com

Baj Singh

Baj Singh - Character Artist

Baj never initially intended to be an artist, studying to become a programmer at university until he was shown a copy of 3D Max and was hooked. Self taught and ambitious, Baj juggled a few office jobs until he finally had built the skill in his spare time to become a professional artist, starting his career at 'Jagex' back in 2008. At that time, he decided to make his focus 3D character art and with the lot of help and feedback from his colleagues, he succeeded in that goal, becoming a senior character artist at Jagex and then leaving to work at 'The Creative Assembly'.

In recent competitions, Baj placed 2nd in GameArtisans' Dominance War V via public votes, and then attained a 6th place champion position in Comicon Challenge 2014. He has also won numerous CGHub editor's picks and has been featured in 3DWorld magazine.

- bajsingh.co.uk
- linkedin.com/in/bajsingh
- facebook.com/baj.singh.121
Cheremisin Dmitry

Cheremisin Dmitry - Freelance CG Artist

Dmitry was interested in video games since middle school. Even when he was getting a degree in architecture, in National Academy of Environmental and Resort Construction, he continued to believe of a future as a 3D creature designer. At the time, there were no available specialized courses, so he got into self-education and before graduation came, he already had a job lined up in Kiev. While working in a field that, after 5 years, to this day, he still adores, he keeps up practice by taking part in different online competitions. Over the years, his works has been featured in 3DArtist magazine as well as earned awards on CGhub. Love and passion to do what you do, a constant interest in technology that is used by the industry, diligence, and commitment – All these, I believe, are key points that will always bring one good results.

- arqute.com/portfolio/d33m0n/All

Gavriil Afanasyev

Gavriil Afanasyev - Concept & 3d Artist

Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov is a freelance concept and 3d artist for both movies and games. Born and raised in Europe, Gavriil later moved to Los Angeles to attend Art Center College of Design, where he majored in Industrial Design with a focus on Entertainment Design. Past clients include Activision, Adhesive Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Digital Frontier, Ignition, Creative, Kojima Productions, MPC, Nike, Paramount Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Prologue, Rhythm and Hues, Treyarch, and many others. To date, Gavriil enjoys new projects and is always looking to push his creativity to its max. He currently resides in London where he works simultaneously on an upcoming movie and game project.

- hexeract.org

Jaehoon Kim

Jaehoon Kim - Character Artist

Jaehoon has a B.F.A in 3D Animation & VFX from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Today, Jaehoon works as a character artist at Naughty Dog on projects like Uncharted and The Last of Us. He has won awards of excellence such as 3dtotal's Excellence Award, CGHub's Gold Award and Editor's pick, Dope awards, and others. When not busy at work, Jaehoon enjoys a passion for figure drawing, and an occasional game day or two playing Dota 2.

- http://www.artjaehoon.com

Pascal Blanche

Pascal Blanché - Art Director

Pascal started on the path towards a career in video/photography and computer graphics at the Art School of Luminy, Marseille. Following art school, he freelanced for TILT magazine, an early video games magazine and then worked in the video game field for sixteen years at companies such as Virtual Xperience, Xilam, Haikus studio and also with Sony, working on the first French/Canadian full CG movie ‘Kaena: the Prophecy’. As Art Director at Ubisoft Montreal, one of the biggest video game development studios in the world, he worked on Myst IV Revelation, Naruto rise of a ninja and James Cameron's Avatar the game ( X360/PS3). After working two years in UK for Frontier and helping to refresh the visuals of Runescape the biggest free MMO browser game for Jagex, pascal is now back at Ubisoft Montreal. He is also a well rounded illustrator (freelancer), and worked for Wizards of the coast, Autodesk, Funcom, Microsoft, and made several cover books.

- pascal_blanche.cgsociety.org
- pascalblanche.deviantart.com/gallery

Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti - Character Art Supervisor

Rafael has done it all, and sports an impressive resume that is outdone only by his impressive 3D art. He has worked as a freelance artist for more than 15 studios and 70 projects, in areas such as cinematic production, game art, TV, printed advertising, and toy design. His latest contributions have been to Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous 3 and The order 1886. His work has been featured in 3d Creative Magazine, and Its Art Magazine, and he has been interviewed on various reputed websites like Kotaku, Globo website G1, 3dtotal, Zbrush Central, Game World, and many more. When not behind a desk pushing vertexes and pixels, Rafael enjoys traveling and spending time with friends.

- grassettiart.com
- linkedin

Rodrigue Prailer

Rodrigue Prailer - Lead Character Artist

Rodrigue Pralier works at BioWare Montreal, where he is lead character artist on the new Mass Effect game. He was previously lead character artist on Mass Effect 3 and principal artist on Mass Effect 2. He was also character art director on Army of Two 1 and 2 in his previous job at EA Montreal, and has worked on the Medal of Honor series. In addition to his character work, he has been an environment artist, a 2D concept artist, and worked on CG cinematics and toys. His artwork has been featured in publications including 3D Artist and 3dcreative magazines and Ballistic Publishing’s d’Artiste and Exposé art books.

- rodriguepralier.com
- artstation.com/artist/Bad_Koala
- facebook.com/badkoala.rod

Zheng Hu

Zheng Hu - Senior Game Artist

Zheng Hu presently works at Tencent Quantum Studios as a senior game artist, where he contributes promotional art for games. He has worked on titles such as the DZS, the Conquest of Kingdoms and the Massive War. During his spare time, he enjoys a passion for creating personal art, some of which have been published as well as awarded in magazines, books and websites like Digital Art Masters, Expose, 3D World Magazine, InCG Magazine, 3DTotal, Zbrush Central and countless more.

- huzheng.artp.cc
- blog.sina.com.cn/u/2486192915

GuangJian Huang

Guangjian Huang - Concept Artist

Guangjian Huang is a famous concept artist and illustrator with a talent for rendering the fantastical ideas with stunning realism. Despite majoring in International Accounting, Guangjian proved too awesome for the world of fiscal management. Through self-study and hard working, he honed his talents and went on to become the 2009 champion of Dominance War.

Guangjian is the founder of "Guang Yu Cooperate", a studio that outsources concept art to video game companies, such as Blizzard, Applibot, CROOZ, and Cygames, among others. He is also the founder of the "Guang Yi" art school for concept art and illustration, which has gained renown in China for producing many outstanding students.

- hgjart.com
- blog.sina.com.cn/gjschool

Guo Jian

Guo Jian - Freelancer Illustrator and Designer

Guo Jian has been working as an architect since his graduation. After many years of self-trained painting, he began to work as a freelancer illustrator and designer in his spare time. Inspired by movies and games, he created works in various styles, which later earned him an invitation to showcase his art on Blizzard’s official website on numerous occasions. Today, he has become a highly recognized, yet unofficial illustrator for World of Warcraft styled artwork. Presently, Guo Jian enjoys creating art with a glass styled theme, and some of his works, like the Lord of the Rings series, has won him many honors.

- breathing2004.deviantart.com
- breathing.artp.cc

Justice Wong

Justice Wong - Freelance Concept Artist

Justice Wong, with a background in traditional art, fine arts and animation, enjoys using his talents on high-end digital illustrations, comic book story-boarding and concept design for games. His ideas and visions are what drives him, and with this, he continually aims to create intense and epic visuals for next gen art. Trained during his early years, his drive has never stopped. As the years passed by, he gained further experience when he entered the industry as a CG artist on projects like digital comic "The Last Mage" for autodesk, Dark Soul, Legend of the Cryptids, Galaxy Saga and an MMORPG titled Bloody Bite. When not busy at work, Justice enjoys comic books, movies, traveling, and of course, art - in all it's shapes and forms.

- kenalterx2.blogspot.com
- facebook.com/justzart

Marc Simonetti

Marc Simonetti – Concept Artist / 2D Illustrator

With a background in engineering, Marc later became a professional Cg Artist and has never looked back. Since his debut as a CG Artist, he has worked on many different illustrative projects, such as official book covers for the Games of Throne saga, Discworld, Franck Herbert’s Dune and for various more famous science-fiction writers (Dan Simmons, Jack Vance, etc.). He also worked as an illustrator concept artist for Cinema, Advertising and Video games. Marc's amazing work for the cover of Iron Throne was saluted by GRR Martin as one of the most accurate portrayals ever created...

- art.marcsimonetti.com
- marcsimonetti.deviantart.com

Mathieu Levert

Mathieu Levert - Concept Artist

Mathieu Levert is a self taught artist. He tried art schools a couple times but they never worked out for him. He began his career as a concept artist at Behaviour Interactive in 2011. He worked on a few facebook and iOS titles there until the studio partnered up with Cloud Imperium Games to work on Star Citizen. He has been designing environments and props on that project ever since. When he is not in the Behaviour studios, Mathieu spends his time working on his own personal projects which consists mostly of character designs and coming up with ideas for stories. He also enjoys playing video games, mainly MMOs, when he has a bit of spare time.

- mlevart.deviantart.com

Michael Bierek

Michael Bierek - Concept Artist

Michael, with former training at Academy of Art and The Concept Art Atelier, worked with renowed studios like Massive Black inc., Wizards of the Coast, THQ, and now, Ubisoft Montreal. To date, Michael contributed his skills to an impressive list of titles, which include Fallout: New Vegas, Lord of the Rings: Online, Infamous 2, and more. His art has been featured on CGHub, and has also been published in two Art books titled, Massive Black Volume I and Volume II. When not busy at work, Michael enjoys sketching, life-drawing, oil painting, and releasing a vibe or two with his passion for drumming and music writing/composing.

- michael-bierek.tumblr.com

leshiy Shekhovtsov

Oleg leshiy Shekhovtsov - Freelance CG Artist

As a self-taught artist, he has five years of practical work experience, and a boundless love for games. As of recently, Oleg works as a freelance artist (concept art and illustration). He has participated in several major concept art competitions in recent years and even managed to win some prizes. However, he prefers not to get stuck on one particular technique and gladly goes back periodically to 3D and programming/scripting, and parallel to try and touch the adjacent areas of: design, animation, effects, screenwriting, direction, etc. You can read more details my my recent interview with GA: Comicon Interview

- artleshiy.com

Richard Doble

Richard Doble - Concept Artist

Richard, a San Francisco native who is currently based in Montreal, Canada, has doodled in art for as long as he can remember. Now, a 10+ year veteran in the industry, his journey in art gave him the opportunity to work on titles such as Red Faction Guerrilla, Bioshock 2, Quake 4, Transformers 2 (film), and many many more. Titles aside, his work has also been featured in two published art books, Massive Black Volume I and again in Volume II. Today, despite an obvious passion for creating concept art, Richard is actually a humble tinkerer by nature. When not busy at work, he enjoys hiding in his apartment drawing and making toys with his best friend for life - Mr. 3D printer. Richard currently works at Ubisoft Entertainment, Montreal.

- richarddoble.com


Jingpeng Xu Xiao - Artistic Director

Jingpeng is a senior concept artist and a passionate teacher over at China's Guang Yi Digital Art school. He's always found inspiration for his art in the everyday, borrowing heavily from the things that are naturally beautiful in the world. Life is his greatest muse and the real influence behind his wonderful works.

- blog.sina.com.cn/xiaokart

Evgeniy Zagumennyy

Evgeniy Zagumennyy - Freelance Concept Artist

Evgeniy is a concept artist from Russia who specializes in designing character, weapon and equipment concept art for games. From an early age, Evgeniy was fond of computer games, and was inspired by the fantastic story and graphic component. And four years ago he himself decided to start making art for video games. And has no special education, had to learn myself. About 2 years ago he began working professionally as a freelance artist, concept artist. More recently, Evgeniy began to learn 3d modeling that to be able to do the whole cycle of character. In spare time Evgeniy enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, watch movies, play video games, continues to perfect his skills and learn english.

- ihongkong.deviantart.com
- facebook.com/ikongsc

Andrey Klimov

Andrey Klimov - Freelance CG Artist

Andrey Klimov was trained in the Kama Institute of Art and Design, where he studied the basics of painting an/d sculpture. Since 2005, he became really interested in 3D graphics. It was during this time that he tried his hands in various fields - from the basics of creating successful illustrations and designs up to animation. Since 2011, Andrey primarily engaged himself in creating animation films, independently following the whole production cycle behind cinema. In 2013, he published a personal short film titled, Azarkant. Currently, Andrey works on the development and production of several upcoming films, serving as director and cameraman for CG related scenes, also as a lighting, rendering, and/or compositing artist.

- andrewklimov.blogspot.ru
- azarkant.blogspot.ru

Chance Glasco

Chance Glasco - Infinity Ward

Chance Glasco graduated from Full Sail University in 2001 with a degree in computer animation. Shortly after he began working as an animator on Medal of Honor: Allied assault, before leaving with 21 other developers to start Infinity Ward. As one of the founding members of the Call of Duty franchise's team, senior animator Chance Glasco has had a profound impact on the last decade of first person shooters. Since launching in 2002, the series has grown into one of those rare titles to break out of the confines of its medium and become a cultural touchstone on a mass scale.

Chris Scubli

Chris Scubli - Senior Generalist/VFX TD

Chris has always been a big fan of sci-fi in media, and started practicing CG as a hobby in his early teens. After finishing high school, he decided to fully dedicate himself to CG and has created art for TV commercials, music videos, game trailers and online web-series. He is probably best known for his StarCraft fan-animations, such as StarCraft First Contact and StarCraft Final Metamorphosis. As a freelancer, he has created trailers for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Red vs Blue Season 10, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. With over a decade's worth of experience in the industry, he is now a senior artist at RealtimeUK, working on CG trailers for games like War Thunder, Smite, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes. He spends his free time playing video-games together with his wife, reading sci-fi books and seeing movies that involve CG.

- freespacefilms.net

Dan Rickard

Dan Rickard - Fanshawe College - Professor 3D Animation and Character Design

Dan is an accomplished 3D artist, a specialist in animation and character design, and one of only a small number of human beings who can say they've worked with Batman. He can count Arkham City and Arkham Asylum on his list of achievements, as well as Borderlands, Army of Two 40th Day, Hulk, Wanted, Blacksite, Sacred 2, and the majority of the Battlefield series. Dan has also worked as an Art Manager and Animation Lead at Redjade, and he has contributed at every artistic stage of game development with DICE Canada. With a resume as long as it is impressive, Dan decided to try his hand at some freelancing, and even started teaching at Fanshawe College, instructing hopeful students how to model, texture, animate and kick 3D butt.

Michael Nauzin

Mickaël Nauzin – CG Animator / Director

Mickaël discovered CG art back in 2000 and since then, he has worked in many companies and discovered many facets of CG. In 2003, he worked in a french studio named, Mikros Images, as an animator. Therein, he worked on short films such as Aint, Le Rossignol (nominate at Emy awards), LOGORAMA (winner of best animated short film in Oscars 2010), and on commercials too like Dior j’adore, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Citroën C3dog (awarded at VES Awards for outstanding animated character in a Broadcast Program). Recently, Mickaël worked as an animator on a famous commercial Evian baby spiderman and now works on a new feature length animated film, Asterix, release planned for 2015.

Raymon Fong

Raymon Fong – VFX Generalist & Animation Instructor

Raymon Fong's experience extends over a decade long career, as an honours graduate of Dawson's Illustration and Design program he began his career creating small animations for the Internet. As the advancement of technology and the volatility of the businesses began to shift, he found himself migrating into the realm of film and video production, motion graphics and electronic signage. During this ten year stint he's worked on live events and videos and electronic displays for many major corporations and local businesses.

Currently he teaches in Dawson's 3D Animation and CGI program in video compositing, Photoshop, digital painting, audio and video editing as well as working in the side business of mobile technology, user interface and application architecture design. In his spare time he is  a passionate song writer, painter and musician.

Xiao Yi

Xiao Yi – CG Movie Director/Art Director/CG Artist

Xiao Yi currently works in the industry as a CG Movie art director. His latest worked on cg movie title, The Frog Kingdom, is followed by his previous successful projects with Moebius Strip, Frog King & Frog Sport Games TV series, and Answers for Ten Thousand Scientific Questions. Personal awards include a Master Award for his work in EXPOSE, titled, Raining, and his projects have won numerous awards in film festivals and competitions like Hong Kong Wenchuan Prize National Comics Competition, Shanghai TV Festival, and more.

- leewiart.com/space/30733
- www.yixiaoart.com

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