Name: Sung Choi
[email protected]

Bio: Sung Choi is a freelance concept artist for games who specializes in Environment Design. Born and raised in South Korea, he later moved to Los Angeles to broaden his experiences. In this particular piece, Sung's intention was to present a mood with a highly legible composition. By using only black and white values in his sketches, this helped capture a solid layout. The sketches were then transferred to 3d to further solidify the layout's perspective and its sense of scale.

Entry: Sung was inspired by tree guardians from World of Warcraft. After a few initial sketches, he decided to create a guardian in the forest of Azeroth who gets summoned by an elven druid. It began with research on WoW's giant guardians. After some additional sketches, he continually looked back at the game for new ideas. In doing so, he found that he liked how there were some fungus giants in swampy areas, so he decided to keep their overall shape in his final piece.

Special thanks to all the talented artists who participated and to the voters!
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