Name: Florian "Grosnez" Devos

Bio: Florian is a 2d artists from France who specializes in concepts and illustrations. He has worked as a freelance artists since September 2013 and Blizzardfest was the first time he participated in an online game art challenge.

Entry: Florian loved the “World of Warcraft” universe, with its complex stories and powerful and charismatic characters. When it came time to start, he began with a preliminary sketch. Normally, he would build up his idea with mass, but for this particular entry, he decided to start with lines so as to have a more dynamic position. He chose a badass Tauren with some lion features on his face and a shining armor to dissociate him from the Tauren race.
"Thanks to Geraud "Operion" Soulie for encouraging me to join this challenge!"
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