Name: Samarskiy "mikrob" Sergey
Bio: I've always enjoyed playing games so it's no surprise that when I grew up, I had a strong desire to create them. Today, I work in the game industry as an artist/designer. My background includes art studies in the institute and from there, I learned everything else by myself. Blizzardfest was the first international contest in which I took part in. It was worth the experience.
Entry: "Years ago, it was actually because of a concept art book of Warcraft, that my journey as an artist began. For this reason, when Blizzardfest was announced, I immediately knew which game I'd be working with. Since Trolls are an integral part of Warcraft, I wanted to create a high-quality piece that depicted a tough looking troll, headhunter. For reference, there are not many good images of trolls online, so because of this, I was inspired to create something like a promo poster ..."
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