Name: Anton "ACeye" Cheykin

Bio: Anton has been working in the industry since 2003. During this time, Anton has gained a lot of experience in various fields of game content creation, including level design, prop and character modeling. To date, Anton works at Sperasoft Studio as a 3d artist.

Entry: Anton's initial idea for Blizzardfest was to create a dwarven rifleman, he also made a few additional idea sculpts, but then he remembered, Troll Hunter from Warcraft. He really liked that unit, as the voice acting was awesome. As he thought more about it, he decided that it would be cool to give him a more veteran feel, that hinted of a history comprised of fought wars. Scuplted details would hint towards this darkened past. Little items like trophies combined with elements of clothing from the original WC3, helped tie the new design to its origins. The tusk design came from one of WarCraft's wallpapers, as a remembrance of older events. The head of the griffin was also added, and everything was then tied together with simple leather and steel.
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