Name: Slava Gedich

Bio: A 3d character artist from Russia, Slava is currently working on a project titled Final Desire, Moba genre, at From childhood to date, he continues to be a big fan of video games and it has been thanks to this passion, that today he enjoys being a 3d artist for games.

Entry: Slava has always loved Blizzard games for its quality, uniqueness and sheer awesomeness. When the challenge, Blizzardfest was announced, he quickly decided to make a character from WarCraft because of its vivid colors and expressive styling. When the search began for a character within this universe, Slava wanted to create a character endowed with strength, spirit, majesty, pride, and courage. These sought after qualities brought him to Night Elves, and with additional thoughts of birds, like Eagles and Hawks, his choice further narrowed to the Druids of the Talon in WarCraft 3. It was settled.
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