Name: M.Amin "Animoo" Shahidi

Bio: Amin is a 3D Animator who works in games. He began producing art in high school, and it is because of this early passion, that he is now creating the video games that he does today. Professionally, he began with character and cinematic animations for small games. He is also really interested in game and level design, and spends much of his free time reading up on them.

Entry: Amin went for a simple yet intriguing fight scene that viewers could easily understand and feel. At the same time, Amin had to tackle a few problems with moving muscles in a simple-styled low-detail animation. He always enjoyed fights between two bodies of different sizes so after two weeks of research on Middle Eastern and Ancient Greek fighting styles, a plan for a final entry formed. He started with writing a small scenario and animating figures till they felt right. Additionally, after filming himself and some close friends performing fight moves, Amin picked the most exiting and visually pleasing for what later became a final blow.
"Id like to thank Peyman Masoudi and Navid Shadrokh for their invaluable help and support and also for providing the rigs of the characters. Id also like to thank my indie game development team, Black Cube Games, and my friends at for all their advice and support which motivated and pushed me in the right direction."
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