Name: Julius "ExanJU" Ragaišis

Bio: I have always been fascinated with the flow of motion - The movement of Mechanoids, explosion and all sorts of other moving things with few or many legs. Even the flow of form itself is extremely inspiring. Maybe that is why I canít sit still and some times grab a pencil to draw, or model up something crazy, or even make a simple rig just to see if it works or not.
Entry: It was a great opportunity to participate in Blizzardfest 2014. I learned lots of new things and got some new ideas just by watching other artists work. That alone gives gave me a big push to learn even more. The idea for the entry was to create a special move with double effect - A massive stun wave followed with a blow that completely destroys the enemy. Initially, it was supposed to push the bones of the enemy out of his soft tissue, but later I thought that a black hole effect would look more effective.
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