Name: Zhang Cheng

I currently work in Shanghai, China, for an online game company. Additional assets are always in need, hence during my spare time, I enjoy building up additional skills like character creation and mechanical design.

Entry: After seeing the rules for the challenge, at first, I was puzzled. There were so many movies to choose from litterally thousands! Finally, I chose Matilda from the movie, The Professional. When I first saw this movie many years ago, it had a lot of meaning for me, so for the challenge, I felt a need to preserve most of her equipment, like her jacket, collar, shoes, hairstyles, and paper bags wrapped in milk. I did however age her a bit. It was a pleasure to compete for team 3dtotal. I received good advice and communication was always fun to take part in. Also, special thanks to the organizers of Moviefest for their excellent work!
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