Name: Jeremy Dilks (jeremydilks)

Bio: I am a young freelance artist from Canada. I’ve been working with characters for just over a year now. My passion for 3D art pushes me everyday to better my skills and to pursue my dream of working in the gaming industry. I love participating in art challenges. It is a great way to get other artists’ point of view on my work, and I get to see fantastic pieces, from start to finish.

About entry: I chose to animate to an audio clip from “Sherlock Holmes.” I loved the bone crunching SFX within the track, and started brainstorming choreography instantly. I wanted to make sure that the maneuvers I chose were different from those from the actual scene. I chose to have one character have more of a martial arts fight style, while the other had more brute like strikes. Finally, the flow of motion was very important as I wanted the fight to look intense, with zero breaks. I felt by doing that, it would cause the viewer to not want to look away from his/her screen.

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