Name: Jeremy Dilks
Member: jeremydilks
Location: London, Ontario
Email: jeremydilks - Website: view online
2013 Entry: Moviefest Entry


Favourite Software?
3ds Max, and Mudbox.

Favourite Games?
Halo Series, Team Fortress 2.

Favourite Movies?
Star Wars, Dodgeball.

Favourite Music?
Hardcore, and Metal.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Ninjas, way too quick.

Future Goals?
Working within the gaming industry on AAA titles.

Bad Habits?
Slouch and bite my nails.

Good Habits?
Always think about what Iím working on when I first wake up.

Recover from a bad day?
Coffee, and comics.

What is a good day?
Wake up, coffee, work on a personal project for a good portion of the day, get more coffee, see girlfriend, read whatever Batman I got open, bed.

Was this your first challenge?
First major challenge, yes.

Despite the amount of competitors in animation, you did an outstanding job. What was your secret to staying motivated and to set the bar for all animation contenders to come.

I knew I wanted to use this project as a piece for my portfolio, so I was determined to make it as good as possible anyways. While animating, Iíd get excited when I got certain maneuvers to flow with each other, which in turn would fuel my imagination for the next set of movements. That excitement would keep me wanting to animate all the time.

How do you go about setting up your animations? What is your process?

First I broke down the audio I chose. Found the peaks in the audio, or the ďhitsĒ or anything that sounded like contact. For each sound I would also relate a strength to it. Ex. 7 seconds : heavy punch. Using these climax points, this gave me a great starting point which I could use to roughly block in my key poses for the animation. Once itís all blocked in, I go back and add in my secondary animation, and then do another pass of animation after that, making sure that all my timing and weight distribution is good.

What's your biggest inspiration? What film or movie makes you push your animations as far as they can go?

I think for any animator/artist, when watching the animated films that are released these days, how can you not be inspired? The movements and the looks these movies carry are breath taking. Iím always excited after watching one, just because I look at where the industry has gone, in such a short period of time. What we are now capable of generating - Itís amazing! Where will things 20 years from now? Wherever it is, I want to be a part of something like that!

What part of your entry are you particularly proud of? What section gave you the most trouble?

Probably when the girl character dodges the massive hammer fist while on the ground, and rolls backwards, and kicks the robot chick in the face as sheís rolling. That roll was tough. I had to think of where she is getting the momentum for the roll and how can I give her enough time to get back on her feet. Thoughts like that will depict how I tie each movement to the next. The girl then rolls into a crouched, ready position, which you can say is the beginning of her next move, which was a lunging punch. It was a challenge to make so many movements flow smoothly in such a short amount of time.

If you could do your entry over, what would you do differently?

Maybe bring in some weapons. Have them hanging from the ceilings or leaning against walls. The characters could be grabbing various items. That way the environment would be more involved with the animation. Also maybe some more acrobatic moves. Just something really eye catching.

Any final thoughts? Ex: Thank you's, motivational speeches, evil monologues etc.

Thanks for organizing a great and fun competition to compete in! Had a great time. Looking forward to future competitions and more awesome art!

You created a fantastic entry! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us. I wish you the best with all your future endeavors.