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Thread: Comicon Challenge 2009 | h2olt | Lobster Johnson

  1. jeronimo is offline
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    nice finish and I agree with crazyfool, the pedestal is very great!
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  2. h2olt is offline
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    Ok guys, Holt is exhausted, but he made it. (This is his wife posting.) He's having a well-deserved lie-down, so I'm posting his final update. Here are the final entries.

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  3. JeremyK is offline
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    Looks really sweet, man! I really love how you do the pedestal and the pose. Congrats and good luck, man!
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  4. digitalinkmind is offline
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    Fantastic finish!Great presentation...a true comic book action hero!Congrats &good luck


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  5. Cenelder is offline
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    oh nice! Great final outcome!
    Good luck in the comp!
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  6. Smooth_Criminal is offline
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    Awesome finish... A big deserving congrats too. One of my favs definitely..
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  7. Maxter is offline
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    Great style! love that face, Congrats on finishing:thumb:
    Comicon 2014 | Harley Quinn
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  8. KEDavidson is offline
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    awesom finish h2olt! i really like how you put the shots together, and if it hasn't been said enough, that is an excellent pedestal (see, it's so good it warranst proper grammar )
    good job
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  9. Sirt Gazington is offline
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    Love it. This piece just screams 3D print to me. Congrats on the finish and good luck with the judging.
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  10. seven is offline
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    That's some slick pimpin. I love how he looks like clay. You nailed Mike Mignola's style. :thumb: :mugs:
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  11. h2olt is offline
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    Thanks for the support

    Thank you all. I only left myself a couple hours to put together all the images for the final entry and I'm not thrilled with the rushed, so it's taken me a bit of time to look past the rushed images and look back on the modeling and texture work and see it as what it is, probably some of my best work to date. I really appreciate all the crits and support I've gotten through this whole comp.

    silent_fox - Thank you, I really like the pedestal, and I'm glad I was able to mostly convey what I had in mind. For my personal portfolio I'm gonna finish it off with a tentacle coming up the back side, but I figured that in this comp I'd have to count the tentacle in LJ's count. I used up a whole day modeling and texturing the pedestal. Time in hindsight might have been better spent at the end putting together some improved images, but I really hope it helps stand out from the crowd.
    digitalinkmind - Thank you. I wish I'd allocated more time to my renders, looking at your work is a shining example of the improvements that can be achieved in presentation if you finish on time and can try different things. I'll be trying for the early finish next time.
    Cenelder - Thank you.
    Smooth_Criminal - Thanks Ankit, now where's that render or your posed model in v-ray? I'm still dying to see that. (and i need to figure out v-ray)
    Maxter - Thanks, time for some more sculpting challenges so i don't have to texture as much. see you back at 3dt.
    ScudzAlmighty - Thanks. See pedestal comments above (but it's nice people are noticing it).
    Sirt Gazington - Thanks! the more i look at the finished piece, the more I think it might be worth the investment to have a little memento of this work. After such a rough finish it's taken some time to come to like it.
    seven - Thanks, I feel I moved a little farther from the clay/cell shaded look I was originally going for but I am coming to terms with that.

    Looking over all of your entries I must say I find myself in esteemed company. Even if you don't all get recognized in the final tally, I think that may be by very narrow margins. All of your work is top 20 quality and I feel heartened that you like what I put together. I think it's all gonna come down to the tastes of the judges at this point. Good luck to you all.
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  12. Smooth_Criminal is offline
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    I agree .. There was lot of quality work and the bar I think is just set higher.. Awesome comp. I am making the V ray renders.. still tweaking around (not rendering as well as the last time :P) I will have something today maybe. I followed this tutorial on 3d Total for understanding some bits of v ray and made the exact setup as showed in the tut . I think it worked out quite well too. Here is the link to it. 'Studio Lighting with Vray' by Chris Tate .. Hope it helps
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  13. Genz is offline
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    wow man,the final presentation is awesome.I love the cartoony scultping you did.
    This is inspiring!
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  14. BIGFISH043 is offline
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    stylish stuff!!!
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