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Thread: 2D Portfolio Mini #26 - NINJAS

  1. matgyro is offline
    Location: Bangkok
    Posts: 11
    Everyone are awesome and made my ninja so sad i will training more for next challenge

    Max Schulz - Your ninja so sexy.I feel she keep more fang inside.Her shape and color is great :thumb: .

    Muflon - Wow He come form cyber punk world. His prop can tell me about his life but that Goblin is Leader ?(I like him too.)

    Ksan - Your coloring so good . I feel she is bodyguard Ninja come with someone as Hime(Princess) . She look cute and friendly. :thumb:

    Mansarali - I like your Ninja alot. Detail off necklace is great. I hope you'll top of challenge.

    I'll comment more next time
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  2. DSGodwin is offline
    Location: Decatur
    Posts: 61
    Late but here. Its not as polished as I hoped but work got busy.

    I havent even gone through the thread yet to check everyone's submissions out. Ill look them over tonight.
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  3. ELR
    ELR is offline
    Location: Viborg
    Posts: 90
    Thanks for the constructive critism man (: I am here to learn. Yeah that would help out alot, I can see that now. Were just so used after finishing the entry. I keep that in mind from now on. I promise (:
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  4. FredH is offline Administrator
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Posts: 4,035
    Walrus, thanks man. I'll spend the day cleaning her up and fixing the damage I did in the last minute:s. Will resubmit mine later today
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  5. ACap is offline
    Location: Minsk, Belarus
    Posts: 571
    AAAAA. Awesome arts! I can not lool at my ninja. I must remake final image. I think it became much better. Thanks to everybody. I have learned a lot.
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  6. rickardwestman is offline
    Location: stockholm
    Posts: 596
    ACap - Looking really cool! Don't forget to submit it so people can vote for it! :thumb:
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  7. Ksan is offline
    Location: Aurora, IL
    Posts: 1,159
    Max Schultz- Colors came out nicely, really well rendered. I like the bg that you chose. Also still get extra points in my book for calling her the "ginger ninjer". Great Job.

    Muflon -Nice painterly background. Unfortunately I cannot see your other two drawings too well, wish they popped more. Overall, nice painting style.

    WhiteGaurdian-Hey Robet! Didn't see you too much around for this one. Pretty colors sir. Not so in love with the texture on her legs and breasts, but other wise , cool design. Very mysterious.

    Cristian G - I really like the angular quality of your lines. It has a very strong feeling to it. Solid work, classic ninja :thumb:

    Niarbon - Sorry you didn't get to give it the time you wanted to, it was a good idea. The weapon drawing came out exceptionally crisp, really nice job with those.

    Elcura - She elicits thoughts of Naruto, like she belongs in that universe. Not a bad thing, they are all ninjas. Even if your experiments went wrong, you learned. Failure is part of it, keep drawing! What does the kanji mean? - is it Miyako?

    DV8 - He is packing some serious weapons. They are all beautifully done too. Would not want to meet him in a dark alley

    Bloodeye - Great job getting it done. I know you cranked it out quickly, so kudos to you for that. Her design is very neat, a good idea. The anatomy needs some work and hopefully next time you will have more time to give it attention. Well done.

    Sebaimage-Did you finish? She was neat.

    ELR - Oh no! Those stellar drawings got lost! I think Walrus gave you a good tip, you could also stand to lighten them a bit. Super wicked action going on with the color pose. The teal light you painted on his back is soooo well done, best part. Good finish.

    Fred - Hey! You finished! The swords are wicked. Somehow, her color palette went back to what I originally thought it would be....weirdness. Her techy bits of goodness and details are very slick. Glad you got it done, great work.

    Mansarali Solid entry. Your 2 b/w drawings are the tops. I wish the bg was lighter behind them so we could see them better. Overall, beautiful entry.

    DSGodwin - Her design and idea are really cool. I still say she is a bit tilted, but I'm glad you could finish. Killer weapon.

    ACap - I really appreciate your board design. The mechanical stuff you took on had some great thought put into it. Well done.

    - You 'chieved so hard by making the 80's come alive in a ninja. Love it with my heart, well done!
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  8. FredH is offline Administrator
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Posts: 4,035
    v2 - Hopefully, this one is a tiny bit better. I can't work on it anymore. I'll have to practice again in the next, or another mini comp in the future. Thanks everyone for the fun times, and congrats to all those who finished! This was a tough one.

    Sucky Version #1

    Less Sucky Version #2
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  9. ACap is offline
    Location: Minsk, Belarus
    Posts: 571
    rickardwestman - thank you. I am new for this competitions.
    Here is my final entry.
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  10. Rayph is offline
    Location: Denver
    Posts: 221
    Sorry I was unable to submit mine in time, although I have a legitimate excuse as I was out of town getting married

    I do plan on finishing regardless and will post asap.
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  11. Amethyst is offline
    Posts: 3,566
    :mugs: Rayph: Congrats of getting married! That's the best excuse to be late in submitting....:lol: :mugs:
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  12. Rayph is offline
    Location: Denver
    Posts: 221
    Amethyst- Thanks alot man!

    Things have been a little hectic lately so I am looking forward to posting more art!
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