id Software - Character Artist

Job description and responsibilities:

Job Description and Responsibilities:
id Software is looking for incredibly talented and imaginative high-poly 3D character artists to conceptualize and create characters for our legendary game universes. Candidates must demonstrate a mastery of appropriate toolsets and an extensive portfolio demonstrating appropriate capabilities modeling and texturing a wide range of character and creature types.
Responsibilities Include:

Conceptualizing game characters and creatures
Collaborating with art director, designers, programmers and animators on character specifications, movement, style, limitations, etc.
Creating high-poly 3D characters and creatures
Character and creature texturing


2+ years of game or film industry experience as an artist
Significant contributions to at least 1 AAA shipped game or film
Substantial examples of current and past work demonstrating a strong understanding of form, silhouette, shape, texture, color and lighting
Able to create a low-poly model within poly budget and efficiently unwrap the uv's for texturing
Able to create a low-poly model within poly budget and efficiently unwrap the uv's for texturing
Extensive experience and mastery of relevant 3D and 2D toolsets
Self-motivated, but able to take feedback and criticism and properly reflect comments in work
Excellent team player with very strong work ethic and a collaborative/cooperative attitude
Passion for games and gaming
Good time management skills and efficient development processes, and the ability to apply those principles towards effectively meeting schedules and deadlines
Excellent oral and written communication skills

Desired Skills and Pluses:

Familiarity with id Software games, characters, brands and universes
Traditional art skills including sketching, illustration, painting
University or equivalent art-related degree

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